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Weight loss and excerise tips ??

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mrsjoker35 Mon 11-Apr-16 12:27:58

I'm 18, had my first baby in December EMCS pre pregnancy I was 8 and a half 9 stone. Fitted into a size 10 leggings size 12 jeans ,size 8 tops, always bigger down the bottom half of my body. Lol I now only fit into size 14 on the bottom and fit 10-12 tops depends on what kind I is. I'm around 11 going into 12 stone now . I want to lose 2 and a half stone I think.
Any tips on it?? Because I seriously have no idea where to start ,I've never really excised my whole life because I felt as if I never had to but now that I've had my LG I really wish I had sad I feel like a mess , my arm pit area is really ... Flabby ? What exercises help with that ?? I need motivation!! sad I don't really eat accessivly or anything. I feel very.. Not myself , the only thing I like about myself is my hair,my bum, and my stretch marks. To be honest I just want rid of my flabby arm pits and my belly. My OH says I don't look any different and he's still as attracted to me and that my body is going back to normal without diets and excerise but I dont think so ,I mean I can feel my scar without having to lift things up now but I honestly do just feel like a pile of rubbish

So yeah..
Excercise and weight loss tips please ? smileflowers

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