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Help me get motivated

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Uphillanddowndale12 Sun 10-Apr-16 18:03:25

I need some help to get myself motivated on losing weight. I need a proverbial kick up the bum. I'm struggling to keep to any diet for more than a few days at present as I've been going through a lot of stress with my mum who has dementia and other health problems and is now is in a nursing home. I've put on over a stone in weight over the past 9 months and have problems with acid indigestion, insomnia and ibs - all stress and diet related i think. I feel like I'm in a viscous circle: I'm stressed and overweight and get indigestion and ibs then I get more stressed because of being overweight etc

I'm 5' 7" and 12 st 11lbs. My main diet is breakfast: raw oats, seeds nuts dried fruit and yogurt; oatcake biscuits and cheese for lunch or soup and bread, dinner is pasta or potatoes and veg with fish or chicken or beef or pork. I'll have a glass of wine or 2 and a piece of dark chocolate 5 nights out of 7. I think I eat healthily and try to avoid bread, sugar and yeasty things as they make my ibs worse. I think my biggest problem is that my portion sizes are too big and that I will indulge in a cake with coffee or eat crisps with my wine.

DH has successfully done 5:2 for about 3 years but I have struggled with it and gone on rebound eating after fast days and also I seemed to get headaches when I was on it. I've lost weight on weight watchers but dislike all the faff of points and that. I kind of eat similar meals to dh on his fast day except I will add pasta or extra cheese to a meal.

I've thought of fasting but I don't want the headaches or the rebound eating. I can often go for about 5 or 6 hours after my breakfast before I feel hungry, but then if I eat a late lunch I feel full when it comes round to my evening meal - I can't seem to get this right.

Can anyone advise me and perhaps get me going on losing weight again - I've successfully done it before so I should be able to do it again.

StealthPolarBear Sun 10-Apr-16 18:06:17

Joining you. I am doing well with exercise, doing the shred and also walking as much as I can. Meals are on the whole healthy and portion size good. But I cannot stop snacking. I'm like a chain smoker but with chocolate sad I've had the control before bit just can't seem to do it now. That means I'm not losing weight which is really demotivating for the exercise.
I'm 5'7 and currently 12s6ish.

MrAliBongo Sun 10-Apr-16 18:57:30

I'm a calorie-counter, and I recommend you try it for a week or two, just to get a more accurate picture of what's going on. Then you can carry on, or you might prefer to find an alternative strategy, but it's a usueful tool to understand your habits.

You say your portions are too big, but I suspect even accounting for that that you underestimate your food intake. For instance, you start off with a typical day that makes no mention of coffee (milk and/sugar?) with cake (how often?) or the crisps (5 days a week?) with your wine. There's nothing intrinsically awful on your list, but the question is, how much of each? It may be dull, but if you want to be able to eat biscuits and cheese, and dried fruit, and bread, and wine you're going to have to weigh or measure them. Every last mouthful. Sorry!

I also think you're under shooting the old fruit and veg. There aren't many weight loss plans that don't work better for having a whole heap of vegetation added to every meal. And while dried fruit technically counts as one of your five-a-day, it's just too calorie dense to make a useful filler for someone on a weight-loss plan. Focus on the fresh stuff.

notagiraffe Sun 10-Apr-16 19:02:59

OP, you sound very like me in your eating habits and stress issues. (I get ulcers not IBS.)

All I can suggest are these four things:
1. Drink water. Loads of it. Before meals, during meals, after meals. It really curbs carb cravings.
2. When you serve your food, pause and put 1/3 back. You can have it later if you want and if you have drunk all the water allowance for the day.
3. Take lots of exercise and fresh air, as often as you can. I walk or swim most days and run once a week as well as doing daily squats stretches etc. It really helps relieve the stress, and gets the endorphins going.
4. Increase veg to 5 a day and fruit to 3 a day so your total is 8 a day.

Oh, and DON'T go on a diet. You do better than me. I last half a day then binge. I feel some sort of childish outrage as soon as I go on a diet, that someone is controlling what I eat and it makes me reach for stuff I'd never normally touch, like DH's biscuit stash.

I need to lose 15lb. sad

Uphillanddowndale12 Sun 10-Apr-16 20:16:22

Thank's for replying everyone - there's some food for thought, excuse the pun 😀
Alibongo good idea to count cals as yes I could underestimate my eating and I probably don't eat as much fruit as I could, but i try to buy berries when I can and have them with live yoghurt. Notagiraffe stress related ibs etc are my Achilles heel even when I was a kid, it's no fun is it. I think your points are good ones and I'll try to incorporate them into my eating plan. I try to eat unprocessed as far as possible - I feel better for it. I feel ill if I eat rubbish

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