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Fodmap vs Whole30

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MadauntofA Sat 09-Apr-16 17:43:38

Anyone done either of these? I have figured out that some types of dairy don't suit my body, but I'm still getting stomach issues and sinus problems intermittently. I can't work out what it is so thought I might try an elimination and slow reintroduction diet to see. These both look fairly similar but exclude slightly different things initially. Any experience out there? How slowly did you introduce new foods after the initial diet?

yumyumpoppycat Sat 09-Apr-16 19:20:39

Sorry cant help but you could try posting on the low carb topic assometimes whole 30 threads are on there

MadauntofA Sat 09-Apr-16 19:24:33

I'll try that, thanks yum

RunnerOnTheRun Sat 09-Apr-16 20:33:54

Dairy is dairy is dairy. Cut it out or eat it all. Half hog doesn't cut it when you experience these symptoms.

pollyblack Sat 09-Apr-16 20:55:22

I've done a few Whole30s and do normal paleo the rest of the time. I found dairy the easiest thing to give up to be honest and with great results- no more sinus/hayfever symptoms. i've not done FODMAP as paleo seemed to suit my needs better (auto immune but not like IBS). If you have any Whole30 questions just give me a shout. I agree though that you need to 100% eliminate things as "cutting down" and short term elimination (i. E a few days) is not effective.

MadauntofA Sat 09-Apr-16 22:13:53

The dairy I have cut out is all normal milk, cheese, cream etc, but goats milk and a2 milk is fine - I don't have much but when I have cut out dairy completely for several months then started these, I have been fine. I have days without any problems despite drinking these then days where I know something is affecting me.

MadauntofA Sat 09-Apr-16 22:15:41

Polly, when you have done the 30days, how have you reintroduced the different foods - how long on one new food before deciding that it is likely to be ok then moving on to the next?

pollyblack Sun 10-Apr-16 11:39:02

The reintroduction schedule suggested is here

I have not followed the reintroduction though as I decided just to carry on as paleo cause I feel really good on it, and my illness symptoms are pretty much in remission, so I have never really reintroduced things. I do eat things I shouldn't sometimes, such as wine, crisps, rice etc but not on a regular basis.

MadauntofA Sun 10-Apr-16 13:46:45

That's really helpful, thanks Polly

ObiWanCannoli Sun 10-Apr-16 17:48:35

Thank you just looked at whole 30. I am going to try it. I am a lazy eater. Hopefully will be good for health.

I love egg drop soup so I can still eat this.

MadauntofA Sun 10-Apr-16 19:53:21

Egg drop soup - is that where you make soup then drop an egg in it?grin

ObiWanCannoli Mon 11-Apr-16 09:58:56

Yeah pretty much grin Everyone in our family loves it, just had a look at stock I could make my own but kallo gluten free seems ok to use if I don't.

I had a really good research and whole30 seems doable for me as kids can still have rice, tortilla chips and bread with the meals I make for myself.

My weight is good but my health not so, I have been within the last week told by my consultant to cut out alcohol consumption and reduce sugar levels, but it's so hard as I love wine and chocolate.

To have something to work toward and a plan that's easy to follow whilst still being to make one meal that is affordable with care could be a winner.

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