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A question for anyone who did 'I Can Make You Thin' by that Paul Mckenna chap

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SharingMichelle Sat 09-Apr-16 12:56:46

Was it life changing? Did the weight stay off?

I didn't fancy doing it back when everyone and their grandma were raving about it on Facebook, but I am wondering about giving it a go now.

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SharingMichelle Sun 10-Apr-16 12:23:40


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PebbleTTC Sat 16-Apr-16 21:03:02

I downloaded his app and I swear I ate more than I ever did before so def useless for me!

Franny1977 Sun 17-Apr-16 05:45:47

Yes. I started it at the beginning of 2011. I lost quite a bit of weight and was down to my "slimmest ever" within three months. I didn't put any weight back on until I got pregnant in January 2013. I recently had DC2 and just two weeks ago started it again using the app this time.

I've dropped about half a stone already and truly believe I'll loose the rest within a month or two.

I am a big believer in his system. It really works for me when I get into it. You must listen to the mind programming hypnotic everyday though.

FreeProteinFromTheSky Sun 17-Apr-16 05:55:31

Bump and place marking. I 'm a chubber and need to try something other than will power that I appear to have none of currently.

Franny1977 Sun 17-Apr-16 06:07:36

I did weight watchers many times over the years with great success. However, slowly over time I'd always put it back on and it often felt like I was starving myself at times or using sheer force of will power. Inevitably I'd always eventually run out if steam and the weight would creep back on over time.

I'm confident I'm going to loose this baby weight this time and keep it off.

Uphillanddowndale12 Sun 17-Apr-16 20:41:19

I've been doing it for almost a week. I can make you thin and ivealso got freedom from emotional eating. I did it before and lost quite a bit, qalong the way I've lost touch with what I learnt back then. I'm not sure why I didn't continue with it as having tried lots of weight loss programmes including WW this seems to be a good way for me.
I'm really keen on doing this now and if anyone fancies joining me in a new Paul McKenna thread lets get going .....

Uphillanddowndale12 Sun 17-Apr-16 20:42:41

I've also got freedom from ....... Predictive text !! 😀

Franny1977 Mon 18-Apr-16 02:30:51

I'll join you uphill!

Uphillanddowndale12 Mon 18-Apr-16 08:53:23

Great! Let's start. I'm out this morning. Shall we start a new thread or keep to this one? smile

Franny1977 Mon 18-Apr-16 10:42:49

Perhaps SharingMichelle will join us?

Franny1977 Mon 18-Apr-16 10:43:17

Let's start a new one!

nellen12 Mon 18-Apr-16 14:07:48

This is uphill name-changed. I'll start a new thread and let you all know once I've done it

nellen12 Mon 18-Apr-16 14:14:31

Done it - but I don't know how to link on my iPad

AnneLovesGilbert Mon 18-Apr-16 14:20:33

I'm in too! What's the new thread?

CurlsLDN Mon 18-Apr-16 16:16:18

Hello! I have never tried it but it sounds interesting. Do I need to read the book or will just the app suffice?
Is it just listening to recordings or is there more to it?

nellen12 Mon 18-Apr-16 17:53:22

Curis I've got the book but mainly I've listened to the cd as I've not yet had the time - I'm slowly plodding through it.
Come over to the brand new shiny thread
For the new thread look for "who wants to join us in a new Paul McKenna thread?"
On weightloss chat. Can anyone link it as I can't do it

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