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RattusRattus Sat 09-Apr-16 12:10:40

Has anyone here lost weight be eliminating sugar? I'm reading Sweet Poison by David Gillespie and it seems to be quite compelling so I was wondering if anyone here has followed that kind of diet with success.

MoonDuke Sat 09-Apr-16 19:25:35

Yes. All I did was stop biscuits etc and juice. I didn't do it to lose weight but it was a nice side effect smile

Felt loads better.

There is a long running low carb boot camp thread which cuts out sugar which you could have a look at

RattusRattus Sat 09-Apr-16 20:04:33

Seriously? No one?

BIWI Sat 09-Apr-16 20:05:29

Yep, absolutely. The Low Carb Bootcamp that I've been running on MN for about the last 4 years is based on exactly this!

RattusRattus Sat 09-Apr-16 20:06:39

Sorry my phone made it look like no one had replied!

raisedbyguineapigs Sat 09-Apr-16 20:07:45

There is a thread in chat ( badly titled by me) about an article called the Sugar Conspiracy. It's worth a read.

Bryt Sun 10-Apr-16 15:37:56

Yes. I have lost half a stone after cutting out free sugars about 6 weeks ago. I was eating too many snacks and treats and I'm an all or nothing type of person so knew I needed to stop all together. I cut out sugary cereal, jam, marmalade, chutney, honey, biscuits, cakes, sweets any snacks with hidden sugar like bread sticks, humus(?), yoghurt.

I did continue to eat bread, rice cakes, home-made cheese scones, home-made sugar-free muffins, fruit and did not cut out alcohol. Within a short space of time I stopped craving the sweet snacks and over all I have more energy, no blood sugar slumps, I feel less of a slave to food as I don't think about it very much as I don't feel hungry like I always did.

I don't know that I will lose much more weight but that wasn't my aim. If I cut out snacks altogether, I probably could.

RattusRattus Sun 10-Apr-16 15:53:47

Bryt - well done on the weight loss. I read Sweet Poison and I think that it is fascinating. What are free sugars though?

BIWI - surely the lo carb is all about not eating bread, pasta, rice etc? What I'm looking to do is eliminate the fructose in my diet (so thereby getting rid of anything that contains table sugar, but actually still eating a small amount of fruit as well). Is bootcamp still working on that same premise?

BIWI Sun 10-Apr-16 16:22:20

The body treats all those carbs in exactly the same way as it does sugar - which is why we don't eat them on Bootcamp.

AppleAndBlackberry Sun 10-Apr-16 16:28:44

I have lost weight by cutting out sugar, although not particularly fast. I did feel loads better though and I try to only allow myself dark chocolate as a sweet treat now.

thenewaveragebear1983 Sun 10-Apr-16 21:44:05

I've had no free sugars for 12 days, inspired by a couple of threads on here. I've had some carbs,but no sugar and am following the blood sugar plan from Michael Mosley (but having more than the recommended calories) - I've lost 8lb in 12 days and 4inches from my waist so far. Its an 8 week plan. I have read the IQS book and some others but this one worked for me because the suggested meal plans were similar to my usual choice of meals with only minor adjustments. I feel really good and have lots of energy, and now the cravings have subsided. I would definitely recommend giving it a try!

InanimateCarbonRod Sun 10-Apr-16 21:48:04

Yes since 1st Jan I've been sugar free. Lost 23 pounds so far.

RattusRattus Mon 11-Apr-16 22:48:40

Wow! 23lbs!! Just by dropping sugar or by doing the little carb boot camp? Congratulations!!

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