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Dieting and breastfeeding?

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CommanderShepherd Fri 08-Apr-16 19:29:37

I had my wonderful ds a month ago tomorrow. I ended up with an emcs, so haven't been as active as I'd like. I walk around our street most days, building up my strength. My question is can you breastfeed and diet at the same time? To get back to my goal weight I'm talking 4 1/2 stones to lose. Or will my getting more active + breastfeeding + watching what I'm doing be enough for now. My scar has healed really well but I still get a bit sore/tired after a while of walking. A girl at my work has lost a lot on slimming world and she had a c-section as well. I got to my goal weight doing lighter life but obviously can't do that and breastfeed plus it's fekking dear!

Moving15 Fri 08-Apr-16 19:39:50

I have ebf two babies. I did not diet but i did eat healthily and the combination of carrying a growing baby, pushing a buggy around and breastfeeding had me back at my pre pregnancy weight within the first year. In my opinion you shouldn't feel pressured to spend mental energy on dieting, your baby need fresh goodness through your milk and you have more important things to worry about. If at the end of the first year you are worried about our weight then you can start dieting. I'm not saying this in a 'don't bother' kind of way but more in a 'you deserve to enjoy your baby who will suck several pounds off anyway kind of way.'

RunnerOnTheRun Fri 08-Apr-16 20:18:09

Congratulations! Take it easy! A LOT more weight will naturally drop off in the next 4-6 weeks so don't take this weight as your real weight.

Don't cut calories while BF. It is true that you don't need hundreds of extra calories while bf though, or while pregnant. You just need to make the calories you do eat good ones! Quality nutrition, rather than processed junk. No one got fat eating nature's foods! So make a few changes to fresh, wholesome foods that are easy to grab......all the fruits, nuts, veg sticks, salads, eggs, omelettes, homemade soups, stews, greek yog etc. Never ever do lighter life, everyone rebounds from it, it is not sustainable or educational. It is really damaging to the metabolism and causes many issues as a consequence. They won't tell you that, though!

Paulat2112 Fri 08-Apr-16 20:22:28

You can do slimming world whilst bf smile You get several extra a and b choices.

I wouldn't look at dropping your calories though, just try to eat a bit healthier and once you feel better try and get some more exercise in. There are even buggy workout groups so you can take baby along.

Idefix Sun 10-Apr-16 08:45:05

I successfully lost for good about three stone whilst breastfeeding using slimming world.

The plan is a healthy eating plan that if followed correctly will see you eating your5a day +, lean meats and whole grain foods and reduce your sugar and fat consumption.

I was given extra allowances depending on the age of ds and found it really easy to keep to. The weight literally dropped off me and my ds developed beautifully along his centile in his red book.

I also had an emergency section and additional complications afterwards but did gradually increase my activity levels and was walking miles through the parks, baby groups etc.

You can only lose weight by reducing your calorie intake. It certainly hasn't had a negative impact for me.

Good luck 😊

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