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4/4/16 - the first day of the rest of my life!!!

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ColdFeetWarmHeart Mon 04-Apr-16 00:24:41

My diet starts in the morning. The one where I lose weight for good.

I planned tomorrow as my start date over the easter weekend, thinking I would have plenty of time to plan some meals. But I seem to have spent most of the last week cleaning the house ready for visitors, who arrived Friday afternoon and didn't leave until 8pm tonight. So I don't feel very ready for tomorrow!!!

I am going to be doing the 8 week blood sugar diet. So 800 calories a day, low carb foods. Tomorrow I shall keep my main meal simple - cheese omelette with salad. I shall also get the slow cooker out to make a low calorie veggie soup.

Got to got to got to start tomorrow. A part of me was thinking I'll delay by one day but dh just mentioned my diet starting tomorrow.

Just going to use this thread as somewhere to make me accountable / rant about bad days etc so that dh doesn't hear too much about it. Everyone is Welcome to join me if they'd like to! :-)

Mrsmorton Mon 04-Apr-16 00:25:15

Good luck!!

Diamogs Mon 04-Apr-16 00:27:04

Hoping that I will find the motivation to join you. Good luck

SteamyMcDreamy Mon 04-Apr-16 11:18:02

I'm very tempted to try this diet. I've read lots about it but haven't been out to buy the book yet. Do you know if it would be suitable for a vegetarian? What sort of meals would you typically eat?

SteamyMcDreamy Mon 04-Apr-16 11:29:40

I also meant to ask what you do after the 8 weeks. Do you revert to the 5/2 diet?

ColdFeetWarmHeart Mon 04-Apr-16 11:36:07

Dr moseley doesn't give you many rules - it's just sticking to 800 calories a day. He advocates a Mediterranean style diet. He suggests following a low carb diet but does so by saying you should cut down on starchy carbs like rice and pasta, and eat things like quinoa and sweet potatoes instead. I can't see why you couldn't do this diet as a vegetarian.

I feel very lazy today. After having visitors all weekend,and no chill out time, I now don't want to do anything. And with it being easter holidays, we didn't need to get up early this morning. I do not have the desire to go and make lots of healthy foods. However I am not giving up! I'm just going to add some healthy fresh soups to my asda shops!!

Hopefully a chill out day today will recharge my batteries, and tomorrow I will want to try out a few easy recipes.

ColdFeetWarmHeart Mon 04-Apr-16 11:40:17

Yes after you continue on 5:2 if you still have weight to lose. Long term maintenance is the med style diet. So good protein, good fats and fresh fruit and veg. No processed crap basically!!

ColdFeetWarmHeart Tue 05-Apr-16 14:26:53

Oh so not going exactly according to plan at the moment. That is I'm having low calorie ready meals and soup instead of making everything from scratch. But I don't really care to be honest. I've just had a very tasty hot and sour chicken with rice noodles, courgetti and carrot ribbons for lunch/main meal. It was only 309 calories and I'm stuffed!! I shall be ordering it again!! Yummy!!

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