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How much weight can I realistically lose and how?

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CrazyandIknowit Sun 03-Apr-16 20:45:20

I am 5,3 and 10st 8. I have a big belly and I hate it.

I'm getting married in September.

I lost nearly 4 stone a couple of years ago and I've yoyo'd between half a stone for the last 18 months.
I now need to focus.

How much is realistic to lose from now until August and what is the most sustainable way? I've lost my way with slimming world a little. I eat huge portions.
I have a massive sugar addiction to want to crack!


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MisForMumNotMaid Sun 03-Apr-16 20:51:02

About 1lb a week is sustainable loss.

Before you work out end numbers why not dig your calendar out and look at what events you've got between now and August.

Any hen night, birthdays, works do's, fathers day etc. Decide are those weeks neutral, a small gain or are you going to be ultra strict and make them a loss?

To end of August there must be about 20 weeks.

Whats gone wrong on slimming world? Syn creep?

CrazyandIknowit Sun 03-Apr-16 20:57:07

I don't know what happened with SW my portions never got smaller and when I excersised I seemed to gain. It got me down losing and gaining the same 7 pounds so I've lost my way and put more on than I wanted to.

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MisForMumNotMaid Sun 03-Apr-16 21:35:16

Don't beat yourself up about the past. Weight going up and down a bit is maintaining isn't it?

Have you thought about going back to basics. Meal and syn plan two weeks out. Buy nice treats, plan out all your eating, high veg, decent portions, stay hydrated then check the scales.

I didn't reduce my portions for a long time. I cooked the same volume from habit. I eventually reduced them by cooking the same but serving a smaller amount onto the plate. If I got to the end and wanted more that was fine, no loss on what I was doing before, but some of the time I'd get engrossed in TV or clearing everyone elses plates etc and just not feel the need for more as the initial desire had passed.

Nothing wrong with a sweet tooth or indulging it. Just plan out your indulgences.

We're ment to be getting some warmer weather next weekend onwards so homemade icelollys make a nice syn free treat.

I guess at the end of the day its just how much those next pounds mean to you. Are you deep down actually just happy with the massive loss you've had?

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