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Day 3 of 8 week blood sugar diet and I've messed up - help!

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HeavenlyPeas Sun 03-Apr-16 14:46:04

In my defence: DH woke me up at 4am so I'm utterly knackered, AND I appear to have started my period 3 days early and it fucking hurts, but after two days of being amazed how easy I was finding it I've gone on a mad rampage through the cupboards. Eaten the ends of two packets of crisps, and the tummy of DS's Easter chocolate dinosaur (he's only 1 so doesn't care, orherwise I wouldn't have).
Whyyy do I have no willpower? I think calorie-wise it probably amounts to about 500 (and I haven't had lunch as was stuck with DS napping on me) so if I have a sensible little dinner later I shouldn't be too far over the day's calories. Just disgusted with my lack of willpower. I ahould be able to manage not eating crap for 8 bloody weeks, surely?!

I suppose, on the bright side, the back, tail and legs of the dinosaur survived, and I didn't open the other full packet of crisps that was there. But bleargh....

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pippistrelle Mon 04-Apr-16 07:33:24

Everyone does it, OP, everyone. Those who succeed just learn not to dwell on it, not to beat themselves up for it, and just get back to it as soon as they can. This can be repeated lots of times.

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