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WW vs SW

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Leslieknope45 Tue 29-Mar-16 07:15:59

It's the age old question! I've been on WW but in December it changed to smart points and perhaps it's healthier now, but I do struggle not being able to have a treat like a chocolate bar or a latte as easily.
I haven't seen much movement on the scales at all which is frustrating as up until smart points I was losing regularly.
I see friends on SW talking about all the food they're eating and I'm envy when for us on WW a blummin muller light is 4 smart points!!
Anyone know how I can lose weight then? I'm at the top end of normal now but certainly could stand to lose another ten pounds to a stone.

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conkerpods Tue 29-Mar-16 09:13:36

Hi,I don't know much about WW but I did SW after I had my DS. I lost 3 stone and I ate a curly wurly most days!
Maybe buy a SW magazine to see what you think.
FWIW I prefer a lower carb WOE these days.

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