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Has anyone got 2 stone to lose? I'm starting tomorrow (Monday).

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Dalmatian2017 Sun 27-Mar-16 10:19:59

I'm looking for a buddy to join me and help motivate to lose some of this flab! I'm 5'7" and about 12st but will weigh in tomorrow morning.

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flindorama Sun 27-Mar-16 10:48:05

Yeah me. At least. I'm 5'4 and was 13st 6 this morning blush. So I'm definitely in.

maidinamerica Sun 27-Mar-16 13:31:55

Me too. Am 5'4" and 12.5 stone. Desperately need to lose some/ lots of weight and find it hard to keep going.

Lunawolf Sun 27-Mar-16 13:34:13

Me! I've lost 2.5 stone already. I'm ready to tackle the next 2 stone now.

If I think about how much I have to loose then I become overwhelmed sad

FeedMyFaceWithJaffaCakes Sun 27-Mar-16 13:43:49

Me! Me! Me!
5.4 and 12st 3ish... Would like to be 10st!

ChubbyMummy12 Sun 27-Mar-16 13:45:41

Me grin I'm 5ft 3 and 13.3 stone and I get married in August! Had dd 13 weeks ago. Need to get rid of this weight.

Niklepic Sun 27-Mar-16 13:47:10

Me please. I'm 5ft4 and weigh 10st 10 but carry it all around my tummy which is not good. Would like to be under 9 stone.

Abigail12 Sun 27-Mar-16 13:49:52

I'm in! I'm 5'4 and too scared to look on scales. Last I checked few months back I was around 13stblush. I have already been very very bad today. Damn you easter bunny!

Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0 Sun 27-Mar-16 14:27:00

I'm in too! I have 4 to lose by August hmm I would be happy with 3.5 though! It's a tough goal but I'm feeling motivated. I'm currently 14st, 5ft 6.5... Want to get back down to 10! How are we all planning on losing? Calorie counting, carb counting etc?

ChubbyMummy12 Sun 27-Mar-16 14:44:44

I'm calorie counting using my fitness pal, iv lost 11lbs so far. Also cutting out crappy foods like crisps chocolate and take aways except for today

tigerchair Sun 27-Mar-16 14:47:33

Hi, me too! Will weigh in tomorrow morning. 5ft 4 and around 11 and a half stone I think. Best way for me is lowish carbs, but need to get rid of Easter choc from house first!

Playabeachstar Sun 27-Mar-16 15:46:46

I'm definitely up for this, I need to lose at least 2 stone and need the motivation of doing it with others. I'm not too sure how much I weigh but i want to fit into size 10/12 by July. I think my plan will be back to basics, eat less and move more!

SoakedinBleach Sun 27-Mar-16 15:48:03

I'll join!5ft4 and 10st10 already lost 2 pounds but having a day off calorie counting today!! Going to have to be strict as want to be below 10 in 8 weeks for my hols!

ScottishSnowflake Sun 27-Mar-16 15:54:40


I'm in tbusmile I want to lose weight pre-ttc and would love a handhold along the way! I'm 5'10 and a size 12, but carrying around my stomach.

Heathcliff27 Sun 27-Mar-16 16:00:00

I'll join you. I'm 5ft 4 and 10st 10. All my weights on my legs and hips. Size 10 top and 14 bottoms. Havent really got a goal in mind, I just know it needs to be less than it is.

I've been looking into 16/8 diet. After having a hysterectomy in June my weights creeping up. Also doing a less active job now so have to do something.

hollyisalovelyname Sun 27-Mar-16 16:01:55

Count me in please.
A stone and a half to lose.

GertrudeBadger Sun 27-Mar-16 16:04:35

Me too - 5 ft 7 and 11 1/2 st, too much chocolate, and general over eating!

ExpandingRoundTheMiddle Sun 27-Mar-16 16:08:14

Me please.
My username isn't because I'm pregnant blush
I'm 5 foot 4 and 12 stone.
I'm starting on Tuesday morning though as I'm at DSis's for lunch tomorrow and she'll have cooked something lush. I can't be one of those people who accept an invite then pick and fuss over food.

ExpandingRoundTheMiddle Sun 27-Mar-16 16:10:59

I want to be under 11 stone but not by much. If I get smaller than that, my tits look like golf balls in old socks and I age 10 years in the face.

Since I've hit 50, it's suddenly become so hard. Every pound is a real fight.

hellokittehhhh Sun 27-Mar-16 16:16:02

Me! 5ft 2 10st4lb. Would like to lose 21lbs. Have got a fitbit and hoping to lose 1-2lb a week!

xshannonsheehan Sun 27-Mar-16 16:20:23

I'm not really looking to lose weight but would like to stick to a healthy diet and exercise regularly but I'd like to take part to stay motivated... smile

VilootShesCute Sun 27-Mar-16 16:25:37

Me. Need the motivation. Need to lose exactly 2 stone. I hope this helps as nothing else has so far

gailwalker123 Sun 27-Mar-16 16:37:12

Hi, I am new to mumsnet, I am also trying to find a friend to lose weight alongside ! I also have 2st to lose . 5ft 10 and 12st 13 and with 2 weddings coming up I want to reach my goal . I will be following this little group as I cut out the mindless eating , emotional munching and snacking and aim to change to a healthy eating lifestyle. please pass on any tips or motivational messages. Thank you G

Imscarlet Sun 27-Mar-16 16:39:03

Yup! I'm in. How are we going to lose this weight then?

Pamelaaa Sun 27-Mar-16 16:47:19

I am desperate to lose the 2 stone I have put on in the last eighteen months and so am definitely in. I won't be starting until Tuesday though. I need to eat more sensibly and move more. Simple concept but hard to keep motivated. Am hoping others will keep me going.

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