I've lost my way again. I am not managing this alone.

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happydollplease Thu 31-Mar-16 21:21:18

I feel the same, though I'm doing low calorie rather than low carb. I've lost 4 stone 2.5 pounds but now everything's going to shit and recently I've been eating everything in sight! I'm just stuck in a rut and can't see a way out.

RunnerOnTheRun Thu 24-Mar-16 14:10:16

Actually it's not "lean meats and little fat" that do the job.....fat doesn't make us fat, sugar does. So eat the meats you like, eat avocados, full fat Greek plain yoghurt and nuts too (healthy fats are VERY satiating!).

Start writing everything down in a little notebook that you carry everywhere. Are you eating mainly unprocessed, whole foods? Or mostly processed foods? Try to tip the balance back to whole foods MOST of the time. Little by little. Those cravings will stop and I swear once the sun comes out we will all feel much better!

keeponkeepinon Tue 22-Mar-16 20:13:38

Drogon, that's a great post thank you. I just need to get a grip. Made a fresh start tonight with a long soak in the bath and painted toenails. To give me a shred of self esteem which should be the road to recovery.
I know if I look at everything I am about to put in my mouth and ask the question, will this help or hinder? I'll get it right every time. I know that lean meats, fresh veg and a little fat is the way forward, I can spend days in a row getting it right then I'll just mess it up in a split second. Before I have chance to talk myself out of it. Its weird. And thats why I think its lile an addiction type of thing. It's just got to br broken.
Going to carry on reading the book tonight with a herbal bedtime tea.
Keep on keeping on.

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Drogon Tue 22-Mar-16 19:34:22

keepon your OP really resonates with me because I was like you too. Afraid to go out and socialise in case I saw anyone who knew me at my "slim time". And never EVER wanting to be in pictures unless they were head and shoulder pictures.

As a low carb lover I'd definitely say try and keep at it! I've lost 3 stone 2lbs and I'm half way to my goal. It's been so hard and I went about 2 months losing and gaining the same lb while doing what I thought was right.

But the benefits of losing weight have made such a difference to me. I'm actually wanting to go out, love shopping for clothes and today I posted a full body picture on FB (this is not the done thing for me) and thought I looked good! smile

It is SO worth it, but I feel weight loss only really happens successfully when you're in the right frame of mind. I've tried so many times to lose weight but the 2 times I've succeeded at it it was like a switch in my head and it just made SENSE. I had always wanted it but this time I was no nonsense about it and it worked. But only, I think, because I was really to put down the pizza and the ice cream.

Sorry this has turned into such a long post but I just wanted to say, you can and WILL lose weight. It may not be right now, but it will click for you.

I've found taking before and after pictures really helpful. I also keep a big diary and fill it with recipes, inspirational weight loss stories and log my food if I'm being stricter with myself. I also set myself half stone goals with estimation dates of when I should hit them--complete with using many sparkly gel pens to make it pretty grin I've told DP he is NEVER to read it because I would be beyond embarrassed, but when I'm having a particularly bad moment or have achieved something I'm proud of it goes in the diary.

Anyway, I wish you well and hope that you're being kind to yourself smile

keeponkeepinon Tue 22-Mar-16 18:13:58

I am at crisis point again. Bloated with wheat and sugar and feeling awful. I started the low carb bootcamp but fell off the wagon pretty quickly and have not yet got settled with it. Quite the opposite. I started reading overcoming binge eating bu gillian riley and am about halfwY through. It was making total sense even though I wasn't perfect at it, I was facing my addictive feelings and kind of managing. I've just lost it this afternoon. Shite chocolate. Sugary crap and bresd. I'm eating bread at practically every meal. It is definitely addictive eating not hunger.
I am getting so ground down. I feel as though I am never going to get right. I know the book says use things other than weight loss as motivation, but I am seriously struggling to break that link. I am so unhappy, and its spoiling my life. I don't take part in fun things or have hardly and photos with my kids because I am ashamed of how I look. I don't know how to get through this. I amso tired oof it.

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