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How to keep going when you're just so tired?!

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Needmorewine Wed 16-Mar-16 19:37:22

DD (nearly three) has never been a great sleeper but the last month or so with illnesses and just one thing and another have been particularly tricky. I'm just so tired all the bloody time I feel like have lost all motivation with healthy eating / weight loss - constantly drinking coffee, reaching for cake / biscuits / stodgy carbs. Constantly snacking. At the time I think sod it I deserve it but now its getting me down because on top of looking tired I now also feel overweight and unattractive. I've been out for a few runs but then just use as an excuse to then eat rubbish so it's not really had any impact on weight loss.

So anyone out there with non sleeping DC who is losing weight successfully - care to share any tips?

SunshineOutdoors Wed 16-Mar-16 19:41:53

I think it's so hard because, in my case anyway, I just really need to eat tons to get through the day when I'm not getting enough sleep.
Logging calories on mfp has helped, in that I'm making better choices that still fill me up, and it does motivate me to limit my intake a bit.

Juliecloud Sun 20-Mar-16 20:08:57

I'm the same. Youngest is up every night. Some nights I only get 4 hours of interrupted sleep. It's a killer.

The only thing that helps me, is having low calorie treats in, like chocolate or caramel snack a jacks or plain rice cakes spread with a little bit of whole earth peanut butter or choc shot. The rice cakes take a while to eat, so I find eating 2 helps the craving pass and I figure it must be better than inhaling a dairy milk.

Also, I can't have chocolate or biscuits in the house as I can't stop myself from eating them

Needmorewine Mon 21-Mar-16 08:01:14

So tricky isn't it. Eurgh. Am definitely susceptible to boredom snacking too which doesn't help. I buy chocolate and biscuits for DH but think am going to have to stop as I just eat them if they are there!!

Been reading some of the weight loss threads here to try and inspire myself and going to try really hard for no snacking today / sugar today. Made a nice meal plan now just have to stick to it....

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