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The Achievable Body program

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NiceCurls2222222 Tue 15-Mar-16 13:08:05

Has anyone tried The Achievable Body diet? As far as I can see all the "reviews" are just adverts for it, which seems dodgy. But it describes me (approaching middle age, unable to loose weight no matter how strict I am, belly fat) he describes a "broken metabolism" through dieting, which sounds convincing, I'm just not sure the solution is as robust.

Would love to hear anyone'swords of wisdom


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RunnerOnTheRun Tue 15-Mar-16 21:47:20

Haven't heard of it or seen it, just did a quick google with not much luck on the actual content of it.

The thing is. You can find out how and why you can't lose tummy fat with your own research, isn't that better and more sustainable than paying for someone to tell you to stop eating sugary foods?

You cannot spot reduce where you lose fat from and tummy is nearly always the last to go but certainly it starts going quickly from there once you cut right down on alcohol, processed and refined foods and drink a lot of water.

KeyserSophie Wed 16-Mar-16 08:50:42

I dont know anything about this diet, but the metabolism thing has been disproven - as in, dieting doesnt lower your metabolism in the long term. Your metabolism does fall as you age, but it's unrelated to dieting. You also find it harder to maintain muscle mass. Finally, post menopause (not sure which side of that you are) many women find that their belly fat increases. This is hormonal.

However, the big point: any program that talks about "flushing out toxins" and detoxes to remove "dangerous toxins" is likely to be bollox. That's what your liver is for. If you think your liver isnt working, get to A&E quickly grin

I would honestly stay away from this.

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