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How is it to go to a club like slimming world?

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Lilipot15 Mon 14-Mar-16 21:13:24

I know the answer is prob to just go along and try one!
My issues are that I've done well at losing weight before by running, cycling, swimming and finding exercise fun. I found that eating healthier went along with that. The only time I did a low calorie diet I felt AWFUL.
But now I am sleep deprived with two small children, still up in the night and have little time. I do walk but find myself just going to bed early for catch up sleep instead of getting out and exercising.
As energy goes low, food intake worsens in quality....
Wondering if folk think slimming world or the like would be for me?
Cons would be - I'm quite negative about people who talk about weight gain when they don't exercise, or eat badly - ie like myself!
- I have little time and should it be better spent going for a swim?
- I'm not too keen on paying for it
- I don't like the idea of group talks and stuff like that......

Pros - peer pressure!

I think I've probably talked myself out of it....Advice welcome.

giraffeupatree Wed 16-Mar-16 06:47:10

I had the same misgivings as you but then got talked into going, 1 year later and I'm just over 3 stone lighter!

I used WW to calculated my food portions and track my food intake, I wanted to change my diet for health reasons (which I did but no weight came off because I was still eating too much) so I also cut out refined sugar, wheat, white starchy foods and processed food.

- I'm not too keen on paying for it neither am I, so i used this as my motivation to get it done!

In terms of exercise, I started eating for energy, then started feeling better and then started walking more. Previously I had done a lot of running/circuit training to keep slim...not so easy with a body battered by pregnancies and lack of sleep, toddlers and a DH who works very long hours!

The people at the group happened to be really lovely and to my surprise (arrogant cow that I was) I came away with some good food tips as there were some good cooks in our group.

I didn't spend much money in the shop though as a lot of the food is full of sweetener etc.

You could always walk to your meeting each week too?

Lilipot15 Wed 16-Mar-16 08:58:16

Giraffe, thanks - that is helpful. The problem is that the people I've come across say at work, who do weight loss groups, are always those who talk all the time about their weight and don't do any exercise. I think I just have a judgemental view on them, but at the moment all I'm doing is eating rubbish and having no energy to exercise.
And yes, particularly with the light nights, it would be an idea to walk to the group.
Well done on your success.

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