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Has anyone changed their actual body SHAPE through diet and exercise?

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Holymoly321 Mon 14-Mar-16 10:41:45

Following on from an earlier thread about body shape, just wondering if anybody has ever been able to change their basic body shape through diet and exercise. I'm an apple (really annoying!) and have never had a waist. Have slim arms and legs, but size 34DD boobs, broad back, short waisted and bit of tum (mainly due to two DSs). I have tried diets and exercise but basically can't seem to get myself a waist. Am over 40 now and wondering if I should just give up (or save up for lipsuction in order to create a waistline). I look fine from the side, but from the front, as I'm quite broad but don't go 'in' in the middle, I look heavier than I am (I'm around 8st13 and about 5'4).

centigrade451 Mon 14-Mar-16 11:34:54

This might help.... quick answer is no.

You basically have a mum-bod and it is totally acceptable. Don't waste your time trying to be something you are not or wanting something. Aim to be healthy.

The only way to get a waist is to torture yourself with a corset.

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