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monkeyblonde Tue 08-Mar-16 10:29:42

Thanks for stopping by Rachael. Interestingly I started the couch to 5k at the start of the year, I did a week then we were struck by two successive cases of chicken pox! I must admit I did find it hard though. I think that I need to try and get back into it again.

I just get so frustrated at not being able to prioritise myself and also find the time to keep an activity or programme running to schedule. Others must feel the same.

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Racheljones405 Mon 07-Mar-16 22:13:18

Trying to get control over yourself is difficult when life seems so chaotic. I'm really sorry to hear about your situation.

I guess in your situation I would look at what worked for you in the past. It looks like when you had a tight work schedule, you were more disciplined with your eating. Could you do a home schedule? Perhaps record your daily activities in advance as well as menu planning. Make sure you have plenty of handy snacks around to help with the compulsion to eat unhealthy. Allow yourself some of the unhealthy foods too. If you restrict or cut things out, you are more likely to fall off the wagon . Perhaps having a little walk on that schedule will help too (gets you out of the house and take your mind off the jobs that need doing).

When I had my 2nd child I felt miserable and fat (that feeling never really goes away, it just fluctuates). I found what helped me was doing the couch to 5k. I signed up for the race for life to give me a target date. That was a year ago. I hated running before that! I lost 2.5 stone and didn't have to be as strict with my diet because I was exercising more then I had done in the past. I'm still not there yet weight wise and had a slip recently but I'm healthier then I've ever been. I went from struggling to run 60 seconds on day 1 to a half marathon in 2 weeks time. I NEVER in my life thought I'd run! If you felt that it's something you liked, there are park runs on Saturday mornings all over the country. They are completely free and a great place to meet new friends.

Anyway I'll stop rattling on, I appreciate that running isn't for everyone, but believe me it's such a buzz when you get going. Great for your mood, self esteem and the quickest way to see results from weight loss.

I wish you all the best on your journey and hope that you feel happy in yourself xx

monkeyblonde Mon 07-Mar-16 18:45:51

How do you stop comfort eating? Every time I look in the mirror, or try and pull up my jeans, or see a nice dress in a shop and think how awful I'd look in it I think that I must do something different.

Back in 2001 when I was only 23 I lost 3 stone, I was completely focused and did a low calorie diet with some exercise. But now I have 2 DCs, I struggle to choose and stick to the right foods. Early starts seem to increase my hunger. I'm at home all day (well not all day but I'm not working) and so grab bits here and there, whereas at work I could take a lunch and stick with that.

I just need some guidance as to what others have done in my situation and stuck to. It hasn't helped that we have moved to a new area with no friends, a house which needs shed loads of work with no cash and my husband is being made redundant later this month. I need to take back some control.

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