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crikeyomikey Thu 03-Mar-16 20:21:31

Name-changed, of course!

I am so fat, and it's all I think about all day! I constantly weigh up the pros and cons of different diets (I have done them all, and yo-yoed up and down!) and ultimately feel so miserable that I achieve nothing. I am deeply ashamed of how I have let this happen, and can't quite pinpoint when I stopped being 'normal' and became this! Has anyone ever felt this shame, and did any of you manage to turn in into something positive? I am afraid I have become very jaded about diets ...

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RunnerOnTheRun Thu 03-Mar-16 21:27:26

Diets SUCK. Just eat cleaner than you are now. Gradually move to unprocessed, homemade food with natural ingredients. No counting, no measuring, no weighing, no thinking. Just look at food and where it comes from, if it comes from a plant eat it, if it's made in a plant DON'T!

Wolfiefan Thu 03-Mar-16 21:30:34

Sorry to shout but it is true! I was over 17 stone and only getting fatter. I was depressed and ashamed and felt truly crap.
I refuse to diet. I tried to change why and what I ate. So I have changed my diet. I'm not on a diet.
I have focused on what I do eat. And why. No eating because I'm bored or feel a bit low. I try and eat proper food. Avoid processed stuff.
And exercise. It'll change your shape and lift your mood.
Good luck.

crikeyomikey Thu 03-Mar-16 21:38:11

Thank you! I am so scathing of diets, and yet every evening when I feel crappy, I hate myself for not starting one. Wolfie did you find it quite easy to change your mental attitude to food?

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KeyserSophie Fri 04-Mar-16 11:28:04

Try reading "Thin" by Josie Spinardi.

It's actually a terrible title (I imagine foisted on her by the publisher) but it actually makes a lot of sense. Her point is that basically, dieting makes you obsess about food, and encourages stupid behaviour like "i ate a bite of Twix so I've ruined it and now I may as well eat 10", and "I'm going to start my diet on Monday so I can eat everything that doesn't eat me first between now and then". This then leads to a situation that, despite feeling like you;re always on a diet, you're actually eating more than a non-dieter plus your relationship wth food is ruled by "permitted" and "forbidden" foods, whichever diet you follow. Her theory is that once you go beyond the dieting mentality, you'll get in tune with your body and start to eat healthy food anyway because it makes you feel good, rather than tired and bloated. However, you will still eat Twixes, just not 10 in a sitting.

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