dont know if this is the right place....feel so low about my size

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wannabslim Wed 02-Mar-16 19:40:09

dont know why im posting this.....just feel so sad with myself, and disgusted if im honest.
Ive tried many diets including ww and sw... and when im good, im good, but when im horrendous!
im now comfort eating cos of how i feel...yet how i feel should make me stop eating! im in a vicous circle and feel i cant get out of it :-(
has anyone else felt like this.....and how did you pull yourself out of it please.
i just feel so low

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DreamingOfADifferentMe Wed 02-Mar-16 20:44:18

Oh lovely, I hear you. I feel just the same and there's nothing worse, it takes the pleasure out of everything, doesn't it?

Just like you, when I'm good, I'm really good and I feel optimistic and positive and almost like I can see the new me further down the line. Then it all goes awry, and before i know I'm eating Creme Eggs like they're going out of fashion and have undone all the good work and positivity and I loathe myself for being so weak.

I've given myself a strict talking to and I'm determined that that's it. No more. I cannot spend the rest of my life on this endless yoyo of good, bad, good, bad. It's turning everything that is multi-coloured a miserable grey and I've just had enough.

I read something the other day that really struck a chord. Place two chairs in front of you. Look at the one on the left, and imagine that you're sat there in three years, having done nothing to change. You're as big, as unhappy and have had a life half-lived because of it. Now look at the chair on the right, imagine you've made the changes and imagine how your life is now. Imagine how you look and how you feel. Now go and sit on the right-hand chair - visualise yourself further down the line having made a commitment and sticking to it. It's working for me for now, give it a whirl.

Good luck, and trust me, you're not alone.

melmelday Wed 02-Mar-16 20:49:39

Hi hun I know exactly how you feel and where your coming from it is a vicious circle that sometimes you feel you can't get out off, have you had any help or support with it hun ?

wannabslim Wed 02-Mar-16 21:20:17

thank you so much for your replies. i actually started to cry when i read them, just feel so down.
ive actually been looking on the internet at things in my area to help get myself sorted. ive been to slimming clubs, but im just not in the right mindset to go to a communal class where everyone seems to do brilliantly, and im sat there cringing cos ive either gained or maintained again, i just cant cope with that at the minute.
i have found something that is run by the nhs to give support to people wanting help with weightloss and other things. they also help with stress and anxiety, which i am also going to enquire about.
i hate been like this, and i really want to stop feeling like this

thank you so much for your support

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melmelday Fri 04-Mar-16 13:47:21

I would really like to offer you some help and advise if you would like to PM me 😊

wannabslim Sun 10-Apr-16 21:09:25

melmelday.....ive PM you. Im not a regular on here so only just finding my way around things. Thank you xx

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applejack18 Sun 10-Apr-16 21:15:52

I'm at the beginning of a journey to be healthy for good (only one week in)
For me it's about being kind to yourself - when you indulge - be kind and don't judge and beat yourself up - enjoy draw a line under it and move on to a fresh start the next day
Then be kind again by living a healthy happy life with occasional food treats, doing activity that you enjoy. Best wishes to you flowers


melmelday Sun 10-Apr-16 21:24:49

Me too hun I'm a newbie on here so finding my feet also I have PM'd you back xxx

KeyserSophie Mon 11-Apr-16 05:32:13

Try reading "Thin" by Josie Spinali. Terrible title, IMO, but I'll blame the publisher for that as the rest is very sensible. Basically, the only way to stay slim (or at least not get fatter) is to stop dieting, because dieting creates really disordered behaviour such as eating a whole pack of kit kits because you ate 1 finger and have therefore "ruined your diet" or eating everything in the house because "I'm starting a diet tomorrow". Also, obvious stuff like that by banning certain foods, you immediately make them more attractive, as well as disabling your natural ability to choose food based on what your body really needs. Once you permit yourself to eat whatever, you will come to your own conclusions " I can eat Haribo for lunch if I want but I'll feel like crap all afternoon so I'm not going to". it's worth a shot.

Thefitfatty Mon 11-Apr-16 07:12:37

I haven't read the book KeyserSophie mentions, but I agree with the sentiments. You need to ditch the diet. Listen to your body, eat when you're hungry, stop when you aren't. Allow yourself occasional treats, because if you make them "off limits" you'll want them more.

Also, get some exercise, focus on doing something you enjoy, that makes you feel good, and that you want to get better at, and look at food as fuel for that activity.

And set realistic goals. For me, the realization and acceptance that the 9 stone I was in my early 20's is probably not achievable at 35 with 2 young kids, but a healthy 10 and half stone is (and even better totally maintainable) was a bit of an eye opener.

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