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the military diet...?

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MrsDeathOfRats Wed 24-Feb-16 23:08:38

Has anyone tried it?
I'm considering it.
Just looking for views. Thanks

SunnySomer Wed 24-Feb-16 23:17:12

I would lose weight doing that because there's no sugar, no snacks and no alcohol.
But there's also very little veg and fibre, so I'd worry about constipation.
Though if you only do it for 3 days not a major issue.... But if you only do it for 3 days you'll surely regain all that you lost once you eat as normal again?
(Is this just a long winded way of saying "probably not sustainable"?)

MrsDeathOfRats Thu 25-Feb-16 08:42:52

I think the goal is to shift a decent amount of weight, and probably not fat... More like water weight?

I've tried so many ways, smaller portions and cutting out this n that and nothing is working.

I'm not as active as i used to be. I'm on the go all the time but I have 2 small children so it's slow and just around and about. Where as I used to walk miles each day in a high pressure job and walk round the city and had no time to snack. Will power is a thing as well.

I need something to kick start my weight loss so I see a result instead of always trying and feeling like I'm not achieving anything

ooosaidooo Sat 27-Feb-16 07:58:18

I'll be honest, that does look thoroughly constipating! There is also quite a lot of processed food in the list, the hot-dogs and saline crackers for starters...

This looks more like a survival diet, I'm not sure how pleasurable dry toast and tuna would be for lunch after a hard morning looking after the children...

How much weight do you feel that you want to lose and what have you tried before?

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