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Today I had a wake-up call - baby steps to health, anyone in?

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YetAnotherAlias Wed 24-Feb-16 19:33:34

Today I went to the doctor's about symptoms including woozy/spacey head and headaches. She ruled out anything serious but took some bloods to check for diabetes etc. She also weighed me and took my BP.

My BP was 158/98 which is not bloody surprising, given that I weight SIXTEEN AND A HALF STONE. Bloody. Hell. Of course I knew I was putting on weight, but I feel utterly shell-shocked. Just five years ago I was under nine stone - chronic illness has meant I can't exercise, and I originally kept the weight off by walking miles a day, often 10+ miles. I have a history of eating disorders - I was 18st about 15 years ago and lost 10st at WW, but I got obsessive and ended up under 7st. I recovered but I'm wary of dieting, in case I end up back there. DH is a recovering anorexic too (he weighed just over 6st when we met) so I have to be very careful with talk of diets, and we don't have scales in the house.

I'm especially worried as DM died way too young as a result of complications from morbid obesity/high BP (she had several strokes, heart attacks and type 2 diabetes). I am 43 now and don't want to die in 17 years.

I'm going to start by not snacking. I can't count calories, it's too close to my anorexic behaviour and I'm terrified of being triggered (or triggering DH). I'm also going to watch portion sizes, which I know is a problem for me. Then, we'll take it from there.

Sorry for the essay, I just needed to let it out and put my intentions somewhere tangible! Also, if there's anyone else for whom the gung-ho, all or nothing approach is just a bit too daunting and wants to take it in stages (so no mad crash dieting, obsessing over pounds lost and instead making small, sustainable changes), please feel free to join me. Let's do this calmy and gently, shall we?! smile

RunnerOnTheRun Wed 24-Feb-16 22:04:18

Have a look here, the Diet Rehab mission.

Then follow them and read everything they have ever said and posted, they undo the damage done by diets and disorders.

DO NOT DIET. You know this, which is great. They lead to all sorts of behaviour issues around food.

Just wipe the slate clean and start eating fresh, whole foods. So oranges instead of orange juice, fresh chicken instead of deep fried take away chicken etc etc. I don't want to label it "clean eating" but if you google that you will get loads of ideas. Or look at the Whole30 plan for inspiration. No need to count or track (that is only for a certain group of people but not for you), but I would recommend keeping a written notebook/diary of what you are eating as it's so easy to "forget" things. Don't go cold turkey with anything either, definitely plan to eat your favourite treats and when you do slip up and binge through a packet of biscuits JUST MOVE ON. Do not beat yourself up about it, you will be way better off just saying "yeah, I ate that today but my next meal is well thought through and I know what I am having will be good for me".

Eggs, meats, veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds, full fat (more filling and cleaner, less sugar etc) greek yog, fish, brown rice, etc etc...all of those are your friends.

Good luck, I really think you will see some nice results and feel a lot better once you clean up your food intake.

Oh and don't forget the water!

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