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anyone with a Fitbit that drinks far too much wine want to join me ?

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toomanychins Wed 17-Feb-16 10:13:42

My mission is to cut right down on wine and try for 10k steps a day to improve general fitness and Reacue my looks and liver !!!

Anyone fancy joining me on Fitbit ?

wispaxmas Sat 27-Feb-16 22:00:27

Hiya, I was looking for fellow fitbitters! I had a flex last year and didn't get on with it, but have a new Charge HR and I'm loving it. Currently doing the weekend warrior challenge with a few online friends and I'm in the lead!!

My goal is generally 10,000 steps a day, but today I managed 23,000 thanks to a 9k dog walk this morning and staying active around the house the rest of the day. And it reckons with hills and dashing up and downstairs I've climbed 106 storeys worth today shock.

Nothing has ever motivated me to be generally more active like this. I've always hated the gym, but definitely feel like the Fitbit is my kind of fitness tool, especially with it linked to MFP to give a more accurate account of daily calories burned.

theporkofpie Sun 28-Feb-16 20:33:23

I'll join please. I drink far too much but am determined to cut down a bit and sort myself out. I love my fitbit and could do with support in achieving weight loss.

Stellar67 Mon 29-Feb-16 06:22:11

I'm in. I have a flex, I drink wine.

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