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Looking for a weight loss buddy

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Ellielarke Mon 15-Feb-16 23:07:22

Hi there,

This is a new account as I would prefer to keep this private.

I'd like to find a buddy who has similar issues to me. My thoughts are that we keep in touch by text , send each other progress data, get in touch when we are feeling really crap/tempted/like bingeing.

I'm 36, mother of 1, need to lose 15 kg. ( I'd even prefer someone who does kg ..!) I've had weight problems all my life. I see food as an enemy and enter into cycles of bingeing and self loathing. I hate my fat self and I don't want to spend what is left of my life hating myself and feeling negative, when I have so much to be grateful for.

I am a proper salad dodger.. My husband is rake thin and eats loads of stuff.. I think I keep up with him.

My mother is obese, has just had a heart attack and I'd like to be healthier than her.

For buddying purposes- I'm a professional , work part time, I'm trying to set up a business. Personality wise- I'm confident and assertive, ( outwardly anyway) and have a really, really dark sense of humour... So someone who won't be offended by such things, would be great.

I keep starting every day then messing it up. I really don't want to look back in my life when I'm older and think I spent so much time feeling bad, wasting so much time.

I suspect I have issues that need counselling but I'm dismissive of people like that. I'm also too private. I tried hypnotherapy but when it failed to work demanded my money back. I'm not into weird things like shakes, Cambridge plans, points, syns.... I like normal food, though am slowly edging towards - mentally at least- giving up red meat. I was going to write meat but remembered I had a Hawaiian pizza last night...

Anyway, I know there are threads on here offering mutual support, but that's not really me. I'm also not often in here, and would prefer just one person to be in touch with.

Titsalinabumsquash Mon 22-Feb-16 13:47:07

I'll be your buddy.

I have a dangerous relationship with food, I either eat nothing for a long time or everything for a long time. I'm hoping to try and just eat like a normal person whatever that is, I'm aiming for 3 meals a day and no snacks.
DP is doing it too but he loses weight really easily and quickly and you can see it straight away where as I take bloody ages and can't even see a difference despite what the scales say.

I can do kg and a dark sense of humour wouldn't bother me, mine is fairly dry/dark anyway.

I have 4 children a house and a job to contend with but somethings got to give, I can't be fat all my life.

CatsRule Fri 26-Feb-16 21:10:21

I'm happy to be your buddy too. I have about 19kg to get rid of...preferably before Summer but in a healthy way that I keep it off without an unrealistic exercise regime. Maybe expecting too much?!!

I'm 37, work full time, have a small child and not easily offended. Happy to keep in touch by text.

I don't/haven't had eating disorders but have been a little too obsessed with exercise before to the point that I was an unhealthy gaunt 7.5 stone.

PM me if you like if you want to keep in touch.

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