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So who's New Year resolution is to lose a bit of weight?

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Lilliput Thu 28-Dec-06 20:15:41

It was mine last year and I did it! However christmas is a feast and I have barely left the table so my resolution this year is to shift the last little bit of weight and get into some fab size 10 slim fit trousers from Gap that I got from my mum.

Lilliput Thu 28-Dec-06 20:18:41

First I must comsume all the chocolate in the house before January! Anyone care to join me?

seb1 Thu 28-Dec-06 20:22:37

Yes I need to lose a large bit

MerlinsBeard Thu 28-Dec-06 20:38:00

my forst goal is to consume all sweets/choclate etc and then lose 2 stone and excerise mre

how much of a new years cliche am i!

gingernutlover Thu 28-Dec-06 20:43:20

congrats on your wieght loss lilliput. I am determined to lose 4 stone next year and am seriously considering the cambridge diet to give me the kick start and motivation I need.

gingernutlover Thu 28-Dec-06 20:44:16

but yeah, just finished the pringles off

now eyeing up the last of the xmas cake

MerlinsBeard Thu 28-Dec-06 20:45:04

eat it! its gone for new year then!!

Beabea Thu 28-Dec-06 20:47:02

Yes me. I have no idea what I need to loose. Post baby post christmas fat! But I need to finish the crisps and choccies first.

Lilliput Thu 28-Dec-06 20:51:50

Finish everything up then join weight watchers, that's what I did last January and I lost nearly 2 stone and my mum lost 3. Half a stone has crept back on since I went on holiday in October and I need to be brave and get to a meeting in the new year. There is normally an offer to join for free in Jan.

asleep Thu 28-Dec-06 20:54:31

i need to lose quite a bit. congrats on losing weight lilliput! how did you do it?

Furball Thu 28-Dec-06 20:55:57

I'm up for it - as I seem to be every January for the last 5 years - I loose about a stone, then get bored then it gradually creeps back on again intime for the next January!

Lilliput Thu 28-Dec-06 22:09:04

I did it by going and staying to the weight watchers meetings every week and then once a month once I reached my goal weight but I haven't been since October hence the 7lb muffin top I am tucking into my jeans every day!

DimpledThighs Thu 28-Dec-06 23:09:10

anyone brave enough to admit how much they put on over christmas?

I have still not weighted myself but think I will tomorrow morning - will let you know!

rhubarbcat Thu 28-Dec-06 23:21:09

Yes, once I've finished the mingles. Then I'd like to lose a stone.

naughtynoonoo Thu 28-Dec-06 23:25:26

I started slimfast today, why is the first day the easiest. My problem is that I get bored very quickly with dieting and need lots of encouragement. I think I am about 2 stone overweight, but don't want to weigh myself as I will get depressed.

angmarie Fri 29-Dec-06 08:38:27

i have about 3 stone to lose and I want to get it off this year as I am getting realy depressed with it .

I am going to give slimfast a go I think for a kick start

naughtynoonoo Fri 29-Dec-06 08:59:45

day 2 for me - weh hey! Starting the day off with my favourite tipple - hot water and a slice of lemon, much better than gin and tonic - in that I can't stand the taste of gin. This time round I am going to plan and prepare so I don't fail. Can't go wrong with preparing slimfast!! Good luck to all those contemplating the big slim.

angmarie Fri 29-Dec-06 09:03:11

i havnt tried slimfast before just thought I might do it as a kick start is it good has anyone had good results with it , which is the nicest thing to try on it

DimpledThighs Fri 29-Dec-06 10:24:14

I have put on 5lbs over the christmas week. Do I stop now or to hell with it until new year....

angmarie Fri 29-Dec-06 14:24:34

have you got things on over the next few days like parties etc if so i would say blow it until the parties are over an d done with

Lilliput Fri 29-Dec-06 14:36:27

I have got a party on New Years Day and then a week later we have people staying for a couple of days. If I was being a lazy fat cow I would leave it until our visitors ahve gone but that's a lousey excuse really.

snowwonder Fri 29-Dec-06 22:44:12

yes and me have lost 3 stone over the last year and would love to lose 2 more,
i have slimfast ready for the 2 nd of jan and will combine it with a can of heinz big soup which i find satisfiny to eat and it is low cal,

ledodgychristmasjumper Fri 29-Dec-06 22:45:26

Me too I've been doing slimming world since the end of august and have lost nearly 3 stone but want to lose a couple more.

snowwonder Fri 29-Dec-06 22:47:51

good for you that was a quick weight lose,. i am hoping that once i start again in jan lots will fall off quickly as i have gorged on rubbish so much during december,

i am also planning on taking up salsa dancing if i can find a local class!!

ledodgychristmasjumper Fri 29-Dec-06 22:48:58

Well done you too. I've been ill over Christmas and lost 2.5 pounds this week but am making new year my Christmas and then being good again thereafter.

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