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The Body Coach - 90 day SSS for partners

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MrsWarris Thu 11-Feb-16 16:39:25

Hey, so, I'be just signed up to The Body Coach, and paid my 'gulp' £147.00. Mr Warris has agreed to diet and exercise with me, but I was wondering, have any of you tried to follow the plan as a couple, and both got a seperate plan? Did you notice massive differences? I'm wondering if we could use my meal plan and just give Mr Warris slightly bigger portions. Would love to know of any experience with this

anjpink Sat 13-Feb-16 13:37:14

they do say not to do that as everyone is different. anyway i am C! day 20 and i have to be honest and say i have put on weight but ppl keep telling me to stick with it... some are saying its the bloat and change in food . i am doing the hiit x5 a week and i am approaching my 3rd week so cannot see much of a difference coming in the next 7 days. However everyone is different so i will continue to do the plan and see what the results are in 90 days .... i have to say was on a very bad low yesterday after weighing and he does say not to get on that sad step .... but my dresses for my holiday Thursday are tighter so i am not happy AND i cant see what the next 5 days will be like and prob wont make an awful difference!! good luck and i hope it works for you

MrsWarris Wed 17-Feb-16 11:46:08

Oh no - why don't you get in touch with your coach and have a word

holdontoyourbutts Thu 18-Feb-16 17:53:36

I'm about 3 weeks into C1 and am noticing a difference in fitness and body shape. Whilst I follow the exercise 100% and the principles of the plan I don't weigh any of my ingredients (some of the recipes have really precise measurements, like 63g avocado. I have not got time to be measuring avocado).

I reckon if Mr Warris follows the principles (and maybe has a touch larger portion sizes) then he'll be fine

BlingBubbles Thu 18-Feb-16 17:59:11

I finished the bodycoach in June, my DH ate exactly what I ate on plan, and he ended up looking better than me!!!

They say not to do the same plan as the macros will be difference for each of you, my DH wasn't wanting to do the plan but I wasn't cooking different meals for us both.

Good luck!

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