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Advice for losing weight when very busy and as a single Mum

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holliebelly Thu 04-Feb-16 22:59:26

Hello everyone.

I have PCOS I should say first, so my weight can creep up and be hard to shift and I want to lose a stone.

I've got zip time for exercise, complicated cooking, complicated shopping or any monkeying around but I have great self discipline.

I was thinking of trying either:

a) slimfast
b) one of thse diet websites that send you all your food for the week

Has anyone lost weight well on either of those?

With me having PCOS, I tend to do better on low GI than anything but Slimfast does seem so easy?

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TalkinPeace Fri 05-Feb-16 21:31:54

Slimfast and PCOS are a very bad combination.

THe secret for you will be in being too busy to eat : genuinely - fasting even at 8 hours per session will help your PCOS

once you start to plan eating supper with your kids and one or two snacks during the rest of the day,
your time will get easier
your weight will drop away
your PCOS will ease

try for a liquid breakfast (tea is good)
a very small, high protein lunch eg pulses
and then a proper multi course sit down family supper

and it will click into place

fusspot66 Fri 05-Feb-16 21:36:05

I'm doing 5:2 and the lack of faffing suits me. Supposed to be v good for PCOS.

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