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Normal weight loss plan or eating disorder?

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Scandimummy Wed 03-Feb-16 20:52:26

Hi fellow mums. Not written here before but often read other people's threads and think they've had such good replies thought I'd ask what you all think.

I'm a 30yo mum of three. Ive suffered from eating disorder on and off since my early teens. I've had a baby a couple of months ago and have lost all my pregnancy weight. I'm 5'6 and now weigh 10st5. I'm quite long legged and wear size 10/12. The trouble is I'm massively obsessing about losing weight. Would like to lose about 1-1,5 stone although I haven't been that weight since sixth form. The thing is I don't know whether this is my eating disorder lifting it's ugly head or just realistically looking at my body and my little jelly belly and thinking I could do with being slimmer. I've not had a 'normal' relationship with food or weight for such a long time don't know whether it's normal or not. Also dieting has felt a bit tougher than normal now that I'm breastfeeding and up all night with three. All I can think of is food and I dream of massive binge eating sessions. My husband thinks all girls are nuts with weight and that this is just that. He said if I want to lose weight he'd say don't lose more than maybe 4pounds. I just want to be happy with my body and feel confident but is dieting the wrong way to go about it, not sure? Don't want my daughter to grow up with a mum who's always trying to lose weight. Any thoughts or advice? X

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