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Cauliflower pizza base

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GNRmama Tue 02-Feb-16 12:57:25

Has anyone tried this? Trying to reduce my carb intake and this recipe was recommended to me.

I'm being totally thick I know, but I'm assuming I do cook the cauliflower beforehand?

TobleroneBoo Tue 02-Feb-16 13:15:06

Blitz it, microwave it, squeeze the liquid out ( add whatever is needed) and then arrange on pan to bake.

BabyGanoush Tue 02-Feb-16 13:19:22

sounds so grim!

Kitchencrayon Tue 02-Feb-16 13:34:25

I just made cauliflower tabbouleh last night. Was brilliant!

GNRmama Tue 02-Feb-16 13:57:43

So blitz it raw?

BIWI Tue 02-Feb-16 14:00:24

Blitz it raw, then either cook it in the microwave or bake it on a tray in the oven.

It's really, really important that you squeeze the moisture out of it first - there's loads!

And it's not grim, BabyGanoush - it's surprisingly delicious!

The only thing I've found is that I've had to cook the bases for longer than any recipe I've ever used, to make sure that they're appropriately dry enough. Flipping them over and cooking on both sides also makes a difference.

GNRmama if you go to the Low Carb Bootcamp threads, you'll find a thread with loads of low carb recipes stickied there, which might give you some more inspiration!

jimijack Tue 02-Feb-16 14:04:59

I made it the other night. It wasn't awful BUT it wasn't nice either, I didn't squeeze out the moisture though. That was my mistake.

It was very filling, it was faffy, I would do it again properly next time. Piled it with loads of veggies.

GNRmama Tue 02-Feb-16 18:14:08

Ok so I did it! Came out lovely but not at all crispy, had to eat it with a fork, but saying that I didn't even finish it because it was so filling

BIWI Tue 02-Feb-16 20:02:11

That's what I mean about cooking it for longer, GNRmama.

The last time I did it, it went reasonably crispy around the outside, it was just the centre that was softer - I think next time, I'll do it in smaller, individual bases as they're likely to dry out/cook better that wa.

BIWI Tue 02-Feb-16 20:02:32


holdontoyourbutts Wed 03-Feb-16 14:26:27

I didn't cook my cauliflower before hand, just grated it, mixed in 1 beaten egg, some ground almond and seasoning and it was pretty crispy, I mean I could cut 'slices' and they wouldn't fall apart.

Also less faff that squeezing the water out.

GNRmama Wed 03-Feb-16 17:49:05

That sounds much less complicated, h

GNRmama Wed 03-Feb-16 17:49:25

Ugh, posted too soon! How much ground almond did you use?

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