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Weight Loss, Good Health and Pregnancy

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SpeckledFrog2014 Mon 01-Feb-16 17:31:05

Many times now I have been told I need to watch my weight during this pregnancy. I can see why they are trying to catch me before I creep into the "obese" category. My midwife said it is possible for me to lose weight whilst pregnant providing it is done via exercise and improved eating and not dieting in the conventional sense. I've increased my exercise and am walking more and I have lost 1lb in a few weeks which the midwife was happy with, but I need to get the food bit right now.

I'm really interested in cutting out processed and refined food. This will be really beneficial to me too as I have PCOS and my body reacts badly to processed and refined foods. However, I don't know where to start exactly with it as this is a massive life overhaul and not a diet for a fixed time. Has anyone successfully done this or off to a good start? Any absolutely fab books for this kind of thing? I've started trying to get brown foods after we have used our white foods and buying cereal with unrefined sugar or no sugar, but I'm a little stumped after this! The cost implications of some health foods worry me too, is there any tips for keeping costs down?

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