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CAn you use SlimFast while on weight watchers?

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Piffleoffagus Fri 21-May-04 12:46:51

Fair enough the points are not on ww online database and I could work them out on the points calculator...
Would it work to replace one meal with it? It's just that I am finding it hard to eat breakfast as I am not a great early morning eater... and this isn;t really suitable as metabolism goes slow, but I can manage a slim fast..
Anyone.. I've got between 1/2 and one more stone to go before reaching goal...
Doen quite well so far being very disciplined etc...
And why is water so important does anyone know? I do it anyway but was just interested!

roisin Fri 21-May-04 13:00:02

I don't know about slimfast kiwi, but have you considered a smoothie? Blending fresh fruit, juice, and yoghurt. If you include a banana it should give you enough to get/keep you going. Use low-fat yoghurt, you can do get a huge smoothie for 3 points.

What quantity of water are you aiming for? I can't find any guidance, but thought 2 litres was probably OK? (Don't know the reason though!)

How's your dh doing btw? Mine has lost 8 lb then 5 lb in consecutive weeks - I'm so proud of him. (He does have a lot to lose though).

Kittypickle Fri 21-May-04 13:06:41

I can't see any reason why you couldn't have a slimfast for breakfast as you can work out the points. I think water is important as it helps your liver break down fat, but could be totally wrong !

gothicmama Fri 21-May-04 13:09:38

Water feels you up and sometimes body and brain misinterupts thirst for hunger so you eat instead of drink

LunarSea Fri 21-May-04 13:52:39

Personally I reckon I must have been a camel in a previous life If I don't drink a lot of water my body just seems to hoard what it has, if I do drink a lot I seem to lose more than I'm consuming as it decides water must be in plentiful supply so it doesn't need to hoard.

Piffleoffagus Fri 21-May-04 14:32:12

I'm doing 2 litres of water easily... no probs with it, was just wondering why it helps so much, def noticed better loss when doing the water thing.
Smoothies... not really cannot stomach real food early in the day goes back to bulimia years ago, hits my gag reflex too easily. Slim fast is ok as it tastes like shit and I cannot mistake it for food.
I do not have ANY food issues left btw am cured

champs Fri 21-May-04 16:12:04

piffle... do you find that you can throw up at will? or that you sometimes feel sick but have to stop yourself as you know you don't need to be sick but is just an old habit?

I used to have bulimia and find this to be true, sorry for asking and dont answer if you don't want to. It's something that I have wanted to ask someone fot ages but there hasn't been anyone who has mentioned they were once bulimic.

I am glad you are recovered. I have to watch myself as I can become obsesive and find myself slipping back to my old way of thinking.

Maybe I will start a thread if feel brave enough.

hunney Fri 21-May-04 19:35:54

Water also helps to get rid of excess water retention so you will look less bloated cos if you don't drink enough your body holds onto what water it can.
Also gives you more energy as even very slight dehydration will make you knackered.
I must say that knowing this doesn't make much difference, haven't had even a sip of water in weeks unless coffee and diet coke count.

Piffleoffagus Fri 21-May-04 21:28:06

champs... it is only brekkie I suffer with, I can eat ok after about 10 o clock... I can make myself sick at will but never do anymore. wonder if it made morning sickness any worse at times?
I am in control of my binges too, have not done it for 5 years now, but then life has been easy, had it been harder and more stressful I may have resumed, as it makes me feel more in control IYKWIM
God I sound unbalanced... I've always been underweight naturally, so dieting is very very new to me...

almost40 Fri 21-May-04 21:44:57

Sorry to be OT, but can you use Slimfast while breastfeeding? Does anyone know?

champs Fri 21-May-04 23:38:14

thanks for answering piffle. I didn't start ne thread... maybe one day

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