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Gastric bypass -my journey help please

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wonderingsoul Thu 28-Jan-16 12:33:37

I'm so excited and nervous all at the same time I had to get it all out.

Iv allways been big, but today I vist ed my gp for a feral for weight loss surgery.
She was very nice, told me I have a bmi of 50 and along with body ach pain when I walk that I should qualify for the surgery on thr nhs and has referred me.

Iv tried every every diet going including Cambridge diet where I lost 6 stone but put it all back on which had a massive impact on my will power because my guilt and self hate red was doubled because I did it but lost it.

I'm starting to feel positive now the ball is moving.

Has any one else had ome, that would be willing to let me know their experience. How long it took to see the consultions. How long for the surgery what sort of things they ask off you?

SupSlick Tue 02-Feb-16 14:17:37

Hi, no experience of bariatric surgery myself, but used to do admin for the bariatric surgery department in a hospital.
Usually you have to engage in a weight loss programme for 18-24 months however those with a higher BMI may fast track to 6 months. The weight loss programme is basically meeting with consultants & dietitians, aiming to lose 5% of body weight during this time through changing diet. It also involves changing eating habit (Google the rule of twenty) & seeing if there are any emotional links to eating habits so that they can be addressed, as well as preparing you for things such as dumping syndrome, new food intolerances & extra skin after surgery (Nhs doesn't fund skin removal surgery after weight loss).

It's important to engage with the service before & after surgery as afterwards you would need nutritional supplements for life, and to monitor weight loss, symptoms etc.

Good luck on your journey, I hope someone comes along with actual experience, but didn't want to read and run, if I could help just a little.

Oh and Orlistat may be offered which you may also want to google! Side-effects are similar to dumping syndrome so good practice!

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