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solutions to continued weightless with morning sickness

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Solitaireaddict Mon 25-Jan-16 09:06:17

DC2 on the way and I am 10 weeks and really suffering with MS. I am overweight and was doing excellently on a diet which I started in September and before I found out I was pg I had lost 5kg. It was no sugar, low carb, mainly protein, although I was allowing myself the occasional snack and not going overboard when I did. I finally felt like I had reached an equilibrium.

Now that I am in the full throes of MS, my body is just not interested in protein. The most I can stomach is eggs or maybe a chicken soup. My body wants crackers, sweets, biscuits and salty soups and the weight is creeping back on.

So not only am I feeling depressed from the usual hormonal changes, I am feeling doubly depressed because all my hard work is just disappearing.

Any tips on how to at least halt the gaining of weight during morning sickness? I tried buying low fat everything, but then I just end up eating 5 of them rather than 1.

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Doublebubblebubble Mon 25-Jan-16 09:45:20

No your body wants what it wants for a reason. X

yumyumpoppycat Mon 25-Jan-16 14:14:17

Maybe just avoid the sweet stuff and anything that you find hard to stop eating. With dc3 I ate carby stuff to try and make the Morning Sickness go away which I think was a mistake, I was prob also using it as a licence to eat non stop toast. Apparently our bodies can cope with weight loss during first trimester but more calories are needed for third trimester, apparently 1800 is a good average aim for calories in pg.

yumyumpoppycat Mon 25-Jan-16 14:29:44

Just to add maybe think damage limitation for now eat the carbs if you crave them but keep them as healthy and low gi as pos, nairns outcakes, vegetables, berries, apples, vogel bread, a few nuts rather than biscuits etc

VivaHate Thu 28-Jan-16 15:22:11

I have been in exactly the same boat as you!! I went along with the high carb/sugar/crap for a while before changing each meal gradually to include more healthy options and less crap. It's far from my usual high protein fare but it's now more balanced and I feel back in control. I so don't want to regain the 7 stone that I worked so hard to lose. Never thought pregnancy would present such a challenge food wise!

VikingLady Fri 29-Jan-16 10:03:45

Get the midwives to double check your blood pressure. Mine was the very low end of normal so I ate a lot more salt (hence checking with your midwife!) and most of the cravings and a lot of the MS disappeared.

Congratulations btw!

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