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The significant shifters 2016 part 2 (all welcome)

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LentilStew Sat 23-Jan-16 12:32:46

New thread, ladies smile

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LentilStew Sat 23-Jan-16 12:36:39

Just checking it worked! grin

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Brokenbiscuit Sat 23-Jan-16 12:44:08

It worked, lentil, thanks for starting the new thread. I'm finding it really helpful to have the online support!

stopfaffing Sat 23-Jan-16 13:01:06

Hey, lentil! Thanks for starting new thread grin.

ToeTouching Sat 23-Jan-16 14:30:47

Thanks for the new thread lentil

Just sitting in the hairdressers about to tackle the dreaded skunk stripe smile

Hope the hip's feeling better stop. My leg's stopped hurting as much just a bit achy but I can really feel it if I crouch down (bending over is really not a good look) hmm

Hope everyone is coping with the temptations of the weekend - keep focussed on your next weigh in and how pleased you'll feel starting another week with lower numbers.

FattyNinjaOwl Sat 23-Jan-16 15:09:35

Ooh shiny new thread! Thanks lentil

MustBeThin Sat 23-Jan-16 15:51:46

Following the new thread! 7lb down in less than 3 weeks, hoping to drop down into the next stone by Tuesday. grin

flyright Sat 23-Jan-16 16:21:06

Hopping aboard the new thread. Lost hardly anything last 2 weeks so need to keep on track and not give up

Dinner at friends tonight so options will be few. Will aim to keep quantity down. Of wine especially wink

Good luck to everyone trying to stay on course over the weekend and thanks for all the motivational posts. I'm sure all this collective focus on loss is creating a positive energy that we all benefit from. Or something. Bit tired. smile

FemaleDilbert Sat 23-Jan-16 16:43:50

4 lb down, weigh again on Monday.

Managing a 10k cycle each weekday and trying to be more active. Following 1700 calorie plan on MFP and feels manageable in the long term

DramaAlpaca Sat 23-Jan-16 18:06:54

Signing in. Can't say I'm doing too well thanks to some RL rubbish going on, but I'm hanging in there.

stopfaffing Sat 23-Jan-16 21:40:06

Did my Cto5K week 2 early this morning and find that the 'gentle jog' is fine, but I am struggling to walk quickly because of the hip problem.

However, I walked into town later (to buy a tape measure grin) the long way, passing two back/sports injury businesses (both closed unfortinately) on the way.

Some years ago, when the kids were small, I had severe back/pelvis pain and spent a lot of money and time trying to get it fixed, with no success. Eventually I went to an osteopath in north Wales and, for the first time was fixed. She saw immediately my pelvis was misaligned and fixed it back into place then did acupuncture to relax the spasmed muscles.

I am going to call her Monday to see if she still operates. It is seven years since I last needed her help. I am due to visit Wales in a couple of weeks so hopefully she can work her magic again. In the meantime I will continue to do my early morning walking/running.

This morning both cats again came with me, with one cat in particular running ahead of me three times!

it is great to read of your updates and I will be measuring AND weighing on Monday (using new tape measure). Hopefully I will this time record a loss, unlike last week. hmm

Clearskies99 Sun 24-Jan-16 11:43:16

Cats must be getting fitter too Stop! Go gently - it's not worth aggravating injuries then not being able to do as much.

I'm going to start using a tape measure too to keep track of body changes in more detail.

Hang in there Dramaalpaca - it's much harder to stick with eating just for true hunger when the shit hits the fan in RL.

I'm another one who needs to not give up even though not lost any last week and don't think lost I'll have any this week. Gonna try and gently up the exercise and eat a bit less and think more about what I eat between meals when I get hungry - weekends are definitely harder.

Brokenbiscuit Mon 25-Jan-16 07:43:54

Have just weighed in for the week, and I've lost another 3lb this week, so 11lb in total since I started on 4 January. I'm really happy with that, even though there is still a long way to go!

Hope everyone else is having a good Monday! Love the idea of Stop's cats getting fitter with her! smile

Clearskies99 Mon 25-Jan-16 08:18:13

The same here, well 1/4 lb down but 1" off waist and getting more and more into my new improved habits round food and exercise. Got to focus in a lot more to get losing regularly - know it's what I eat betwen meals especially.

In this for the long haul and find being on this thread with you all very motivating and supportive

Good luck everyone with start of week.....

Brokenbiscuit Mon 25-Jan-16 08:23:46

Well done Clear, 1" of waist is brilliant!

I think building new and better habits around eating and exercise is the key tbh. I think I'm getting there, I just need to stick at it!

NCfortheNthTime Mon 25-Jan-16 08:25:21

Zero loss. New good habits already weakening. New resolve for a new week eh?

ToeTouching Mon 25-Jan-16 08:45:53

broken we must be weight loss twins - I've lost 3.2 lbs this wk so a total of 11lbs since 04/01 too!

Great news on the inch reduction clear it's all going in the right direction.

Come on NC keep going - I'd guess we've all been there with disappointing weeks of zero loss/gains (goodness knows I've done this enough times in the past) and there's always a reason -

Not eating enough so that your body hangs on to what it can.

Not really being honest to yourself about what's being eaten.

Water retention (may be period is due?)

Not drinking enough - a week of 2ltr of water per day always gives me a boost when loss is sluggish.

Don't know if will help but I've been watching some before and after videos on YouTube this weekend for motivation and as much as its seems impossible the weight will shift it really is as simple as cico (calories in / calories out).

Here's to another good week everyone.

Brokenbiscuit Mon 25-Jan-16 08:54:00

Hang in there, NC, don't let yourself slide. We're all in this for the long haul, and we'll have good weeks and bad weeks along the way. We just have to stick at it. After all, if we don't change our habits now, then when?

Have you considered trying 5:2? I've been doing it for three weeks, and it feels much more sustainable than anything else I've tried. There is a very supportive MN thread as well, which is helping me to stay on track.

Brokenbiscuit Mon 25-Jan-16 08:55:48

Yes Toe, sounds like we might be twins! smile Bet I've got more to lose overall though! blush

Watching YouTube before and after films sounds like a good plan!

NCfortheNthTime Mon 25-Jan-16 09:16:24

Thank you toe and broken. I will keep on it. Can't bear to do another diet, even 5:2, so it was always going to be slow. At least my trousers are a little looser than at the start of the month.

LentilStew Mon 25-Jan-16 09:26:19

Morning fellow losers!
1.5lbs off here. Not spectacular but slow and steady I guess. I need to get a measuring tape I think because I'm sure the exercise is toning me a little so it would be good to have that motivation that if I don't lose don't some weeks then at least my waist is down from the month before.
Not sure how to tackle the muffin top caused by 4 babies though. I know I need some intensive stomach crunching but my back is shot so not where to start.

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LentilStew Mon 25-Jan-16 09:34:08

Sorry, posted too soon

NC, just try and look at the bigger picture. My aim is to be able to wear a nice dress by Christmas. If that works out at some great weeks, some good weeks and some rubbish ones well that's fine by me.

Well done on the waist loss, Clear! Your clothes must feel much looser.

DramaAlpaca, hang in there. Keep to the thought even when you can't keep yo the diet. That way, as soon as RL stuff clears a bit you'll be ready to hop back on this bus.

BrokenBiscuit, 3lbs loss is fabulous! If you lose the same this week, that's 1 whole stone!!!

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fohamy12 Mon 25-Jan-16 10:15:13

2lb off, total 9 lb, heading in the right direction, slowly but surely!smile

DramaAlpaca Mon 25-Jan-16 11:59:38

Thanks all, I'm not going to give up, I'll keep plodding on.

You lot are doing so well, you're inspirational.

limetimemummy Mon 25-Jan-16 13:22:11

Here you all are, I missed the swap from the old thread! airhead

Great to read of the losses and also the determination to keep going. 2lb off for me this week, happy with that and as the phrase goes "slowly slowly catchy monkey"!
I'm with you lentilstew in that I'm aiming for a lovely dress at Christmas not just any damn thing I can vaguely fit into
Meal planning, cooking from scratch, paying attention to the sugar content of stuff and not going crazy on the carbs seems to be working for me.

The cross trainer still hasn't seen action but I have now actually got a pedometer which tells me that I'm woefully short on steps each day!

drama and NC remember, each week is a fresh start regardless of how well you did or didn't do last week..the important thing is that you are here and still going smile

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