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Need to lose my belly

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WellTidy Tue 19-Jan-16 22:57:39

I am a size 10-12 all over, but very short, and I look dumpy. I have about a stone to lose, and I've lost a few pounds, but I need to make more effort to lose my very flabby pot belly. I don't want to target losing it through exercise (I am walking a lot, but not really working out) so I'd like to lose it as much as possible through diet to start off with.

I am eating loads less, hence the few pounds I've already lost in the last two weeks. Not cutting anything out, just eating healthier and smaller portions. And I am drinking loads of water. No alcohol.

Any ideas please?

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Amy214 Wed 20-Jan-16 16:02:23

I bought jillian michaels 30 days shred dvd because the reviews were amazing, i recommend it! Im also small so my stomach is flabby but since starting the dvd and cutting portion sizes right down i have lost 8 lbs, its only 30 mins exercise a day (including warm up and cool down), its 3 mins strength, 2 mins cardio and 1 min abs (3 circuits) only thing you need is small weights and a mat if your on a hard surface, its better to tone up aswell as losing weight so you dont have any saggy bits, ive found myself looking forward to exercising grin

WellTidy Wed 20-Jan-16 16:06:57

Thanks Amy. I might take the plunge! What weight of weights is recommended? I don't own any.

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Amy214 Wed 20-Jan-16 16:16:00

I dont own any weights but i had davina mccall ankle weights lying around so i just use them and it works, im sure she recommends 2-5lbs she doesnt use big ones on the dvd

trilbydoll Wed 20-Jan-16 16:19:58

I start the 30 day shred with baked bean tins blush no point trying with too heavy weights!

dinkystinky Wed 20-Jan-16 16:21:17

cut out caffeine, sugar and bread/gluten - you will see results v quickly round your midriff.

PrimalLass Wed 20-Jan-16 16:34:37

Level 1 is on youtube.

Amy214 Wed 20-Jan-16 16:54:45

I bought the dvd off amazon, it came with 3 other ones ive slowly increased my weight it felt like it wasnt doing anything for me anymore, i didnt like the thought of starving myself so i eat in moderation, i used to drink loads of diet coke but now i only have one small glass, i dont do anything on saturday its my day off so i treat myself to some malteasers (i share them with my daughter) lol its better to have small treats now and again so you dont crave them when you completely cut them out

Amy214 Wed 20-Jan-16 16:55:58

When i cut the sweets and things out i would be a proper pig and stuff my face with them when i seen them haha i feel slightly better having a few malteasers on a saturday

WellTidy Wed 20-Jan-16 19:57:37

I have very little caffeine as I drink only decaf coffee, no tea, and drink maybe three cans of Diet Coke a week. I eat way too much sugar, still. And I am definitely reducing the carbs.

I am going to give them up I think. I agree that it should make a difference to my tum. It's going to be hard, but hopefully worth it!

Maybe exercise is the way to go!

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