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How do you banish your cravings ?

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Kayleigh Thu 20-May-04 15:30:48

Have been sitting here (at work) for the past hour trying to talk myself out of going to the sweetie shop as I have a chocolate craving. Then I found a tub of marmite in my drawer. Have had two teaspoons worth (i lick it off the back of a spoon - i'm disgusting, i know). And ta-dah no more sweetie craving

Are you able to curb your desires ?

Sonnet Thu 20-May-04 15:43:41

snack a jack caramel flavour do for me. Half a bag and sweet craving has gone.
Anotherone, but you do have to be incredibly tough to do it - suck a chocolate button and make it last as long as you can!! - but only one i=mind you not the whole bag!

Kayleigh Thu 20-May-04 15:47:52

I was laughing at the half a bag of snack-a-jacks thinking how could anyone eat only half a bag. And now you want me to believe you can eat just ONE chocolate button. Now that's what I call willpower

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