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I'm out of control

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TrixieLox Mon 18-Jan-16 20:03:16

Please help! I used to have good will power before I had my little girl, could stop myself eating sugary and processed foods, exercises too. But it's all gone to pot post-pregnancy - exhaustion, no time, I don't know why! And I just can't control it anymore. It's less about losing weight (though I have piled on lots), more that I'm terrified I'll get ill from all the bad food.

It's psychological, clearly. I don't want to diet. I just need to fix my head and relationship with food.

Any advice?!

TheWoodenSpoonOfMischief Tue 19-Jan-16 07:38:26

How old is your little girl?
I find exhaustion makes it really difficult to make healthy choices and to prepare meals.
I also find it's a bit of vicious cycle - the more crap you eat, the more you want.

Try not buying the crap. But lots of fruit to snack on and drink lots of water.
Take a good supplement with iron (floradix is good)
Have easy food ready for lunches like soups (buy some fresh soups if you don't have time to make any)
Make some one pot meals for dinner.

Once you get back to making healthier choices, it's usually easier to carry on.

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