MMs 8 week blood sugar diet

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TheGoodEnoughWife Mon 18-Jan-16 10:24:43

Hi, has anyone done this/is doing this? It is a special this week in the dm (I know!) at the moment but there is a book ect and Micheal Mosley is of the fast diet so a respected figure.

As far as I can tell you eat 800cals a day for eight weeks but made up of a Mediterranean diet (veg/olive oil/meat/fish/nuts?)

He disputes that low cal is bad or that losing weight fast is bad.
Recommended for people at risk or who have T2 diabetes but also for anyone else sugar addicted/over weight.

Have only read what I can find either in the paper or online but I have ordered the book.

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TheAtlanticWatch Tue 19-Jan-16 08:15:11

Watching with interest. Just bought the book and am reading it now.

I'm pre-diabetic. Have been in the past and controlled with diet/weight loss. Had gestational diabetes which resolved with arrival of DS. Gained a lot of weight when I stopped breastfeeding/went back to work, so I've been monitoring my blood sugar and, lo and behold, it's up.

Bit hmm about sustainability of 800 calories/day but need to do something so keeping an open mind whilst I read the book...

CooCooCachoo Wed 27-Jan-16 20:41:10

I've just bought the book, currently reading and assessing whether it's for me. I don't know if I'm pre-diabetic but am certainly overweight and have a sugar addiction.

We already eat similar foods to the suggested recipes but augment with carbs and I suspect portion control is an issue.

Planning on doing all the pre-checks over the next couple of days including buying a prick test kit. I don't plan to diagnose myself as pre-diabetic but Im interested to see if my fasting blood sugar is high as indicated in the book. I'm planning on trying the diet to reach a goal weight, I'd like to lose about 15lbs. This may or may not take 8 weeks but I'm going to see what sort of results I get.

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