Losing weight but not looking any different?

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SaggingTits Thu 14-Jan-16 14:07:12

I recently weighed myself and wash astonished to find out I'd lost over a stone as I don't look any different. I last weighed myself about 6months ago and was 11st5lb. I'm now 10st2lb, which is what I was pre DS. My clothes sizes hasn't changed much, I can't fit in my old ones even though I weigh the same as I did then?

When I think about it, the only difference I have noticed I my c-section flap has got saggier sad. Do you think it's unnoticeable because it's the first bit of weight to come off? Or because I'm saggy everyway and need tonight? I'm 5"3 btw.

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SaggingTits Thu 14-Jan-16 14:09:53

Ahh bloody autocorrect. Because I'm saggy everywhere and need to tone up*

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Oldisthenewblack Thu 14-Jan-16 17:03:54

Ooh - this is interesting. This is exactly what happened to me. How have you lost the weight? Have you been gaining muscle? I ask because I wonder if you've gained muscle as you've lost fat, thereby keeping your body shape/size similar? That's all I can thing of, but I share your bewilderment.

I lost 20 lbs and I really couldn't see any difference, which is just ridiculous. The ONLY difference that I could see what that my size 16 jeans were a bit looser so I switched to a size 14 in the same brand, but all my old 14s still didn't fit! No change whatsoever in boob sizeage! Belly still there.

If you'd have told me before I lost the weight that I wouldn't be able to see a difference I would've laughed. I mean, how can you lose 20lbs and NOT see a difference?? Mmmm.....

If your c-section flap is saggier then that's an indication you've lost fat from that area. Maybe that's where you lose fat from first? Everyone has their own area. For me it's the bit between boobs and belly. When I finally lose it from the belly, then the excess skin there becomes more obvious.

toffeeboffin Fri 15-Jan-16 19:22:33

Congrats on your weight loss!

I'd wait a week or two to firm up to be honest. Your skin has probably shrunk and needs time to adjust.

I'm sure you can tell though!

I had a section too, and I can fit into the clothes that I wore pre-birth but they don't fit the same. My rib cage has definitely expanded and I think my hips are a bit bigger too. Tummy muscles definitely stick out a bit more... Oh the joys eh!

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