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SIRTfood diet

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Buzi Mon 11-Jan-16 22:36:55

Finishing day 1 of this diet ! I'm on the delivered by gym version ! It is quite peculiar but despite just three tiny bitter green juices ,two sirt food bites and some nice fish , buckwheat ( that's new and incredibly nice) with chilli ,salad and oil and lemon dressing....I don't feel hungry or bad ! I didn't work out today as I am recovering from a cold but if this carries on I might nail this for. Week or two! I'm hoping I don't wake up with a blinder of a headache tomorrow when my liver kicks in and starts burning stores but let's see. This diet is not as expensive as rumoured ! The gym membership is but it is probably the most glamorous gym in Europe so it wouldn't be cheap ! Buckwheat is defo a new thing for me and I am sure my fussy kids will eat it ! I have a cholesterol of 7.4 and a BMW of 25 so need to lose 7 of my 70kg for my 5'5" of middle agedness ! Annoyingly I managed two kids yadayadayada and came through at 37 a nice 60kg but Breast Cancer and tamoxifen plus losing my ovaries and living for the day has made me slowly but surely gain !!! I'm not optimistic as this diet is pretty cute mplicted especially when I have to make it myself and have no gym deliveries ! But I got a a feeling that this is my year ! Watch this space ....Love to hear from anyone else who is on or embarked upon the SIRT food diet !

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Buzi Mon 11-Jan-16 22:38:19

Haha bmi not a car !

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Buzi Sat 16-Jan-16 10:32:02

day 4 lost albs...the shakes take all your hunger away...amazing...

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