Is anyone "juicing"?

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BrassicaBabe Sun 10-Jan-16 19:49:01


Is anyone "juicing"? I did the Jason Vale 5lbs in 5 days programme (app) last week. I'm going to do the same again tomorrow although ditching the beetroot ones this week [yuck icon].

I lost 7lb last week. I'm looking to consolidate on that this week before settling on something a little more moderate.

Anyone on the same path?

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Dowser Mon 11-Jan-16 10:17:26

Well done. I had a juiced lunch over winter last year and after each meal I felt ' not quite right' a bit queasy, a bit dizzy.

After a few months I decided to ditch it and have my greens as soup instead and I felt a lot better.

I dowse, hence my name and I found my spleen was unhappy with that daily onslaught of cold food. I had my bloods tested in may and was found to have very healthy blood.

If you feel good stick with it. If you feel your body is trying to tell you something it might not be for you.

We did mainly green veg with an apple to make it taste more palatable.

I've read some starchy veg like carrots are better steamed to give up their vitamins more readily.

clarz Wed 13-Jan-16 15:09:42

I'm also planning on juicing but not sure whether I should bother buying a juicer to do so?

Do you guys use a regular food processor? What models would you recommend? Not sure how long I will keep this up so don't want to spend too much.....

MsFiremanSam Sat 16-Jan-16 07:52:15

I did the 5 day plan this week too. Although four days really - had dinner last night, couldn't sit drinking juice in a Friday night 😁 Going to keep up juicing in the week for breakfast and lunch with a normal evening meal. I have an optimum juicer and I've been doing it for a couple of years but all went to pot over Christmas.

sofiahelin1 Sat 16-Jan-16 17:26:46

Can I do the Jason vale 7 day thing with a nutribullet? Don't have a juicer & don't want to fork out for one as just got the nutribullet!

clarz Mon 18-Jan-16 09:06:29

Good luck everyone!

I've just opted to buy this juicer as its a huge discount (£169.99 to £59.99) and has such a large capacity, I can make juice for the whole week and freeze it.

This website has all the best bargains updated daily from across the net, so useful if you're looking for some deals.

Will you let you all know how I get on.

sofiahelin1- I've never heard of a nutribullet actually so can't say.....

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