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Big Gym Balls!!!

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ghengis Wed 19-May-04 15:58:08

Just joined a gym and have mastered most of the relevant machines but need to do some serious work on my flabby tum and waist (I don't have one atm).

Does anyone have any advice on how to use those big gym balls? They look scary and I haven't had the nerve to ask anyone how to use them.


champs Wed 19-May-04 16:58:03

ghengis, I love the look of them and was going to get one when p/g, just scared it might pop!!

here is a site with gym ball excersises

champs Wed 19-May-04 17:01:36

all kinds of excersises here!!

ghengis Thu 20-May-04 09:36:40

Cheers Champs, will brave the ball today

champs Fri 21-May-04 15:11:38

hi!! how did it go? Was it a good work out tool?

ghengis Fri 21-May-04 15:17:37

I chickened out! I couldn't remember how to do it and had a go at leaning back on the ball but fell off! Will have to ask some kind soul next time. Apart from that my workout was good; very satisfying, thanks Champs

champs Fri 21-May-04 23:30:25

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