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binge eating.

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Michelleroe74 Mon 28-Dec-15 23:08:14

I'm a binge eater. I didn't eat till lunch then ate 3 scones a burger .... The day went from bad to worse ..... I hate myself for it. I then obsess about food all day ..... Any help ideassmile

TheWoodenSpoonOfMischief Tue 29-Dec-15 08:39:49

It's so hard to tackle binge eating but here are the things that help me have a good day.
Eat a bit earlier than when you suddenly feel like starting a binge. You mentioned you didn't eat til lunch so eat a bit earlier in a controlled time.
If you can't eat breakfast then don't but don't wait til lunch. Try 11 or whatever time suits you.
Before you eat anything, have a big glass of water first.
Have water constantly and do try to drink 8 glasses a day.
If it's not a meal time and you feel like eating crap ( most binges are crap cheap carbs based in my experience) tell yourself that you can have the crap (no denial) but you're going to drink water and eat fruit first.
Do that then take yourself out of the kitchen for a bit. Go for a walk or clean the bathroom. Whatever.
Try to have meals ready for your meal times so instead of heading straight for the biscuits when you're hungry, you can plate up your meal.
Eat lots of veg/salad with every meal.
If you like structure, then give yourself times that you can eat. Like lunch is at 1, cup of tea/snack at 4, dinner at 7 etc and stick to those meal times.
Basically, be organised with your food so you have more control.
I find urges to binge do pass if you don't give in to them but it is really hard!

TheWoodenSpoonOfMischief Tue 29-Dec-15 08:45:01

Also, have a think why you're binging and try to replace the food with what you really want.
Are you bored? Go do something that you enjoy
Are you lonely? Phone someone. Have a chat and arrange to meet up
Are you fed up? What would make you happier? Sort out some short term and long term plans.

TheWoodenSpoonOfMischief Tue 29-Dec-15 08:50:12

Most of my binges happen because I'm tired.
I now give myself permission to put my feet up and rest if I can and try to go to bed earlier with a book and not my phone.
It all helps.

Sorry I've gone on a bit.

Michelleroe74 Thu 31-Dec-15 00:37:48

Thank you. I feel u understand. I need to get it together before I gain anymore weight.

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