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C-section tummy - when does it go away?

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Gem13 Wed 19-May-04 12:21:10

I had a c-section 13 weeks ago (non emergency) and still have a numb stomach that isn't flabby but just pregnant looking (about 3 or 4 months). Whereas after DS nearly 2 years ago (not a c-section) my stomach was pretty much back to normal within a week.

I know people say it's because of having 2 children but I'm sure it must be due to the section. I'm still stuffing my face (breastfeeding you understand ) and DD was lighter than DS so I presume it's still in shock.

It would be nice to fit into some clothes. The problem is my old ones are too tight and the ones that just fit make my tummy ache.

Anyone had this experience?

jampot Wed 19-May-04 12:24:56

Well I am 390 week post c-section and I still have a flabby "overhang" which is squashy to say the least. I also have enormous stretch marks which run quite deep so maybe I'll never look nice again.

suzywong Wed 19-May-04 12:34:04

It seems to me that the answer to this question is the 12th.
Of Never, I am getting prepared to love it and live with it, and do my 40 sit ups a day. Let's face it we are never going to be swanning around in hipsters and a midriff top again are we?

shrub Wed 19-May-04 12:41:58

still waiting 12 months later...just remember the celebs that have had the c-sections and miraculously have flat stomach in 8 weeks also have the option to ask the surgeon to give them a tummy tuck at the same time

shrub Wed 19-May-04 12:43:31

i now wear 'nancy ganz belly buster pants'

muddaofsuburbia Wed 19-May-04 12:51:59

Hmmm still waiting after 20 mths - mind you am bone idle and have done nothing about it, but I now have the option of gathering all my loose skin into an attractive floral hair scrunchie. When I'm rich I'm getting rid of it

suzywong Wed 19-May-04 12:54:14

Splutter@hair scrunchie MOS

oliveoil Wed 19-May-04 12:57:27

Mine kind of went back to normal after about 10 months - no dieting or exercising. Had little bulge. But am now pregnant again so will report back in August with details of my no doubt horrific overhang.

suzywong Wed 19-May-04 12:59:42

Good, that is what we want to hear,no stories of 17 year old style smooth tummies, come back when you can gather up your crepey skind around your navel OO

tayroo Wed 19-May-04 13:02:21

Hi Gem, I had my C-section nearly 6 months ago and my tummy's pretty much back to what it was prior to falling pregnant. In my experience, it just takes a bit of time but you do get there in the end.

Oh yes, I haven't been doing much exercise - just walking a fair bit every day.

aloha Wed 19-May-04 13:05:45

I don't think it is the section - there is no reason why a tummy should be bigger after a section than after any other kind of childbirth. My tummy bulge is definitely due to fat. And skin can only stretch so far!

oliveoil Wed 19-May-04 13:06:51

DOes that mean I am about to burst? . My bump has to be seen to be believed and I am only 6 months in!

Gem13 Wed 19-May-04 13:15:33

Thanks for the encouraging feedback I like the sound of the Nancy Ganz belly busting pants. I've found that any of my pre-DD non-belly busting pants hurt my middle so feel resigned to wearing huge ones.

Have a great image of a pregnant Olive Oil

oliveoil Wed 19-May-04 13:17:47

I do actually look like the cartoon version, have stick legs and arms, but a wide middle. Am obv goddess

Fio2 Wed 19-May-04 13:18:42

I think it is really hard to get your tummy muscles back to normal after a section, afterall thgey do cut right through your abdominal wall to get the baby out. No success story here Im afraid! 2 sections later , and my youngest is 2 1/2, I have a lovely flabby belly - no muscle tone whatsoever and covered in stretchmarks. Maybe it is just fat though as aloha says

tayroo Wed 19-May-04 13:23:01

Gem, also wanted to add that my mom had 2 c-sections 30 years ago and her tummy's as flat as a pancake and she's in her 60's!!

aloha Wed 19-May-04 13:29:49

As far as I understand it you do NOT have your stomach muscles cut at all during a c-section - they are just pushed apart. You can feel how the two sides separate when you are pg - that line is where the surgeon pushes them aside.

Capie Wed 19-May-04 13:38:52

Tayroo - go away! Obv from the deep end of the gene pool you are.

DS is 9 mnts & have terrible overhang/flap/flab.....
I am begining to think it was a bad surgery job. & that's not even begining the scar discussion!!

Must make plan with body though - am actually joining a gym close to work - which will mean I have to get up just after 5am to fit it in with a full day of work.
How will I cope I wonder?
Coffee I think!

Fio2 Wed 19-May-04 13:40:22

sorry aloha for being so thick

katierocket Wed 19-May-04 13:41:52

my stomach muscles *separated* during last weeks of pregnancy due to size of baby, horrid. Had to do special exercises to get them back to normal and even now not really right.

jampot Wed 19-May-04 17:51:37

Well I have a definite "dip" where my scar is which makes my belly simply look like its protruding more

Ghosty Thu 20-May-04 01:58:31

I don't think it is the c/section Gem ... it is 2 children that has done it...
My tummy was back to normal pretty much by 3 months with DS ...
15 weeks later with DD and my tummy is awful - no stretch marks but definitely still very numb, saggy with an overhang which wasn't there after having DS ...
I feel sick just writing it
Also with your second baby where do you have the time to go walking etc to get your figure back. I used to walk for miles with DS in the front pack but now if we go for a walk we dawdle as DS has to check out every leaf on the way so how can that be any kind of aerobic exercise at 1cm per hour??????

nightowl Thu 20-May-04 02:49:51

my second section seems to have done it aswell...but then again...i was a lot slimmer on the whole after i had my first so maybe thats it? its been 16 ish weeks now and i still look about 5 months gone. very much like an apple on sticks.

ChicPea Thu 20-May-04 06:57:24

Had 2 C Sections and flat tum after 4wks with first and 3wks with second. No exercise whatsoever, just expressed 5 times a day, collecting 9oz per session for 3 weeks and didn't eat extra. Only ate when hungry and this did it. Forget exercise, it's so exhausting, just eat less and tum disappears. I thought it suspicious that celebs have flat tums so soon but I know what I did worked so maybe the surgery rumour is exactly that.

katierocket Thu 20-May-04 07:04:18

think you are unusual chicpea, not many have a flat stomach so soon

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