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A radical change needed in 5 weeks - all help welcomed!

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Sonnet Wed 19-May-04 11:46:53

Help...I've got a big "work" evening event coming up in 5 weeks time and I am:
1, overweight - got 12lbs to loose to get me back to "comfortable", then another 7 to pre-preg weight.
2. Flabby
3, white
4. tired looking skin
5. dry hair
6. "looking my age"

I have just started eating healthily, avoiding caffine, alcohol, wheat and dairy. did do this fr a couple of weeks, saw a marked improvement, was ill and am now back to square one!
I am exersising - swimming and will start running again
Just need an action plan and someone/s to give me a kick up the arse and cheer me on.
Dh is no good - he dosn't know what my problem is - so what is his attitude to the weight I've put on GRRRRR

coddycodcod Wed 19-May-04 11:48:41

have posted on other thread sonnet.

do you want the coddy treatment?

mothernature Wed 19-May-04 11:51:32

KICK KICK KICK... go girl go you can do it you know you can, eat right, take time for yourself, pamper yourself, get out and about walk not run, enjoy the sunshine, you will soon have radiant skin and glossy hair. ra ra ra..

Sonnet Wed 19-May-04 11:53:57

would love the Coddy treatment....just going for a swim now will log on in approx an hour knackered and glowing!

spacemonkey Wed 19-May-04 11:53:59

i've just joined a gym and as a result i'm having several saunas a week and the improvement in my skin was immediate! So i'd recommend steam room/sauna if you can do it for a quick fix. Very relaxing too!

coddycodcod Wed 19-May-04 11:55:06

sonnet - on or off line - any one else intersted in watching her progress?

Sonnet Wed 19-May-04 11:58:38

just thrown you a challenge Coddy on the other 8lbs thread...
On or off line don't mind
On line may help any others out there lurking and feeling the same
Come on you lot you know you wnat to!!
really am going swimming now!

katierocket Wed 19-May-04 11:59:23

yes, I'm interested, I have 10 lbs to lose, my problem is wine, definitely, oh and probably cheese..

noddy5 Wed 19-May-04 12:00:40

Scrub yourself all over with sea salt lemon and olive oil and then slap on the fake tan.You will look and smell shiny and gorgeous

Sonnet Wed 19-May-04 12:01:16

5 weeks KR - we'll do it together with the help of the Coddy treatment!

coddycodcod Wed 19-May-04 12:01:36

katie you can get on wiht it now and stop making excuses

Sonnet Wed 19-May-04 13:15:00

thanks Noddy.
I tried sea salt before and i ended up with scratches all over - it was large flakes though...
will give it another try
Do I mositurise before fake tan?
Cheers for help!

Capie Wed 19-May-04 14:12:20

Def scrub before selftan so you have even & smooth surface to work with. Selftan of good quality will have lotion in so no don't moisturise.

I need to lose 16kg (28 pounds?) Am joining the gym tomorrow in desparation.
Why not post progress online so we can all join in the triumph (real positive attitude @ the moment -ra ra )

bundle Wed 19-May-04 14:14:12

sonnet - in short term, wear lipstick (not too bright red/pinky) and *smile*, it makes you feel better.

aloha Wed 19-May-04 18:13:28

Two tips - nothing to do with weight loss - Couple of weeks before do, have hair cut and colour. Day before do (or two days before) have a self-tan treatment. Afternoon of do, book a blowdry. It makes all the difference. A really good blowdry can take lbs off you. Also, possibly, go to a personal shopper and get a lovely dress that looks good whether you lose weight or not. If your hair is shiny and swingy and you are brown then you will feel good.

Lisa78 Wed 19-May-04 18:18:19

drink loads of water for a start
secondly, book yourself in for a facial, sounds very "ladies who lunch" but it really really does give your face a kick up the arse, IYSWIM!
Do it 10 days or so before your big do though cos it can make you a bit spotty, as it drags all the crap out - mine didn't though, I just had really nice skin for about 6 weeks

Beccarollover Wed 19-May-04 18:47:10

I agree with Aloha

Get hair and skin right, fake tan and lovely make up and nails and your sorted - weight loss a bonus!

Lisa78 Wed 19-May-04 18:47:58

Ok Becca, thats not a licence for you to eat your way thru another box of Mr Kiplings, okay?

bebby Thu 20-May-04 15:43:53

Sonnet, I just read your message I have lost 5 pounds in two weeks with Weight Watchers. The classes are excruciating (really fat friends is tame compared with my leader!). I think I will loose weight just so I do not need to go to class ever again! My downfall Fri/Sat night glasses of wine and home cooked food that substitutes for the restaurant meals we used to eat before I had my boys (aged 5 and 3). I have got another 23 pounds to go for a wedding in 8 weeks time! I am determined to lose another 10 pounds. The secret to weight loss...easy, eat less, do more. I only need WW for the humiliation factor. Agree with everyone else, manicure, pedicure (open toe shoes/sandals and bright red varnish looks great and makes you feel sexy), hair cut, fake tan and a large vodka before you go whilst dancing round the room to your fave party record will really get you in the mood. A big smile is worth any amount of weight loss. Go for it!

Sonnet Thu 20-May-04 16:01:07

Just read all your messages - thanks.
Am feeling a *bit* more positive.
Have taken Aloha's advice:
Cut and colour booked for 10 days before and blow dry for that lunchtime
Will book "spray tan" on Saturday
Have fortnightly manicures anyway and have one booked for the day before.
Been looking at dresses today to hire BUT will give it another couple of weeks.
Gave myslef body scrub and face masq last night and feel much brighter today!
Joined Coddys Loose a stone club and have been very good. Have swam and run.
Got all next weeks meals planned and feeling more positive.
Thanks for facial tip - will look into that Lisa78
Capi or anyone else can yo recommend a good fake tan for home application (have salon one booked for event). I have tried St Tropez spray and mouuse and don't like it.
Hmm - this must have been asked on Mumsnet before - I'll do a search!!
Just need to keep it up

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