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Starting Weight Watchers in new year. What essentials do I need? (doing it from home)

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GabiSolis Sun 27-Dec-15 15:38:19

Just looking on their website, they have something called 'big bag of mojo' which I'm probably going to buy as it has a points calculator and some books in it. Do I need the kitchen scales as well?

I have the app on my phone all downloaded ready to go. It's the smartpoints plan if that makes any difference, which is new from the last time I did WW. I will also preorder their new recipe book (losing weight the smart way) as the books I have from last time are all geared up for propoints.

Any advice will be great!

kittys0ftpaws Sun 27-Dec-15 17:44:26

Are you getting an online membership with full access to the app? I personally think that the tools needed are provided on the app - calculator etc - and I bought the eating out guide from my meeting but the app has a chat option where you can live chat with a ww's employee who can give details of smart point values for eating out. What's in the bag? I must have bought a dozen different shopping/eating out guides over the years! I think the scales would be a good investment if you are willing to fork out the initial outlay. Good luck! I've been attending since April and am just short of a two stone loss, it's taken an age but I'm keeping it off (this time!) so pleased with my results!

velmadinkly Mon 28-Dec-15 19:23:41

You don't need the specific WW kitchen scales. They are useful because they are a databank, so you can, for example, choose potato boiled, then weigh out your boiled potatoes, which will then calculate the smart points for you. Or, without the specific scales, just get to know amounts of foods you will consume, weigh on normal scales then just fill in your tracker.

If you are doing it online, I think all you will need is a digital kitchen scale and maybe some scales to weigh yourself on, but of course you could justmweigh yourself on the scales in Boots etc.

GabiSolis Tue 29-Dec-15 17:50:42

Ooh sorry, I thought I'd replied to this thread! Thanks both of you for responses!

kitty - it's an online membership and I have d/l the app, it looks quite similar to the propoints one, but I'm still navigating it because there are a few differences. The bag seems to have shopping guides, a journal (not sure how much I will use this tbh since I have the app), the calculator and some money off vouchers (again not sure what use these will be yet as I mainly shop online at Tesco - good for meal planning).

velma - I do have a digital kitchen scale already so that's job done. I also have a fitbit and the scale that goes with it so I don't need to worry about that side of things thankfully!

GabiSolis Tue 29-Dec-15 17:51:10

kitty - congrats on your loss - that's fantastic!

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