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Has anyone tried Herbalife?

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AnnP1963 Sun 27-Dec-15 15:23:06

I need to loose 2 stone and the quicker the better.
I ahve a few collegues that have used Herbalife and i hear it has good results. Can anyone tell me their Herbalife stories please.

GabiSolis Sun 27-Dec-15 15:30:53

Isn't that part of or similar to the forever living pyramid scheme? A friend is a distributor and it looks like a pile of wank to me.

Have you tried slimming world or weight watchers etc? I'm about to start weight watchers in the new year, but I have more than two stone to lose. sad A friend has had huge success with SW (over 100lbs lost).

Scarydinosaurs Sun 27-Dec-15 15:32:10

Massive pile of unsustainable bollocks.

The 'science' behind it- drink a load of laxitives and not much else= lose weight.

As soon as you eat food again you'll put it back on.

KwickNC Sun 27-Dec-15 15:36:51

Do not do it no doctors or dieticians would ever recommend it and the chances of piling the weight back on once you've stopped with it are very high.

ExplodingCarrots Sun 27-Dec-15 15:51:52

Please please don't do it! Once you start eating normal food again the weight will pile back on. Happened to a few friends ...all sucked in by their 'mates' who were distributors.

Slimming world is your friend. I've lost 2stone smile

bellyflabby Sun 27-Dec-15 16:55:50

I did this for 6 weeks about three and a half years ago. I lost a stone and a half. I will never ever do anything like it again. I basically starved for the 6 weeks. I only did it because I had a wedding dress to fit into and my weight loss was very slow. And people kept telling me that I wouldn't fit into it and to just buy a new dress. I did fit into it,actually it had to be taken in. So for that reason it was worth it, but health wise no it certainly was not worth it.

I was irritable, depressed, I suffered horrible headaches while on it. I put all the weight and more back on. And I suffered horrible cramping and bouts of diarrhea for a week after finishing. The distributor was useless and just after my money. Definitely would advise against.

VintageDresses Sun 27-Dec-15 17:01:08

A friend peddles this stuff. She's still very overweight despite running around 30 miles per week for the last 8 years.

Imo the only way to lose weight and sustain it is to get into the habit of eating real food at regular meal times with no snacking and limited sugar. Do that and it doesn't really matter what the meals are, as long as they're reasonably well balanced and include plenty of veg, you won't be eating more calories than you need.

crystal85 Mon 28-Dec-15 16:28:50

I'm doing it currently! I've never eat so much before - so I don't understand the person who said they starved!
I did stop for a few days from Christmas Eve till today and still loss 2lb of fat.
If you want to know more information I can let you know what I eat per day etc xx

VintageDresses Mon 28-Dec-15 16:34:01

How do you know you lot 2lb of fat? See, this is the nonsense that's peddled

crystal85 Mon 28-Dec-15 21:33:28

I'm not 'peddling' anything I've answered annP question. So I would appreciate it if you wish for me to reply in future that you stop trying to belittle me with out knowing anything about me.

And I know I've lost fat as my scales tell me my weight, muscle mass, bone mass, and hydration. Also due to a heath issue I have I have regular check ups where the hospital also gave me reading the same as my own scales had. - but maybe hospital are nonsense too?!?

KwickNC Tue 29-Dec-15 06:54:52

When people say they've stopped Herbalife and gained weight quite fast they mean over a week/two (+)

Nikkinoo77 Tue 29-Dec-15 07:12:54

Crystal what do you eat per day?

YouBastardSockBalls Tue 29-Dec-15 07:22:22

No scales can accurately tell you what each part of your body weighs.

Don't do it OP. Do slimming world or weight watchers. Weight lost fast goes back on fast.

confusedandemployed Tue 29-Dec-15 07:27:42

Don't go near it. Look into sustainable ways of eating and pick the one most suited to you. By that I mean WeightWatchers, Slimming World or 5:2. Personally I don't like SW because it doesn't teach portion control but each to his own.

IMO the key to keeping it off on all ways of eating is No Snacking, Ever. Eat healthy balanced meals and nothing in between. I can usually follow my own advice but not always!

If you want a quick fix then all the fads will do it for you: HL, FL, JP etc. But you WILL put it all back on again when you stop starving yourself. If you want it to stay off you need to accept that it will take longer and that you need to reevaluate how you eat.

VintageDresses Tue 29-Dec-15 11:52:41

Agree, sockballs, those scales don't exist, certainly not to an accuracy of 2lbs.

MontyYouTerribleCunt Tue 29-Dec-15 12:37:07

"I've lost 2lbs of fat" is a bit of an unusual thing to say imho. There is absolutely no way anyone knows whether they have lost fat, muscle, water or whatever just by looking at the bathroom scales. I think the "peddling" comment was possibly because that is reminiscent of the sort of language used by some quite disreputable sectors of the diet industry. I'm sure you are not peddling at all Crystal but that is indeed the sort of stuff that is peddled by some IMHO.

KwickNC Tue 29-Dec-15 15:01:36

what scales tell you your hydration? I've never seen/heard of them

bellyflabby Tue 29-Dec-15 15:02:59

Yes I starved, it's milk with a bit powder mixed in!! Proper healthy eating is the only way!!

crystal85 Tue 29-Dec-15 17:55:14

I'm not looking or even gonna try to educate people on Herbalife and the benefits. But if anyone wishes to know what I eat. Or see my nutritionist certification please PM me. (Nikki I'll pm you) x

confusedandemployed Tue 29-Dec-15 18:00:56

crystal did you get it off Groupon?

crystal85 Tue 29-Dec-15 18:07:02

Unfortunately confused I'm not here to entertain you. It must be nice being you!

And glad to know years of training is available on groupon maybe some people should look into it. A few need educating,

VintageDresses Tue 29-Dec-15 18:20:17

I'm sorry but no-one with a bona-fide, independant qualification in nutrition would touch Herballife, let alone be recommending it to others

confusedandemployed Tue 29-Dec-15 18:29:08

Snigger. You may not be here to entertain me but you're succeeding.

DownstairsMixUp Tue 29-Dec-15 18:29:22

No way in hell would any real nutritionist go near herbalife, what bollocks. I worked in a hospital and spent a whole placement with a obesity doctor, he could not go on enough about how herbalife, slim fast etc were all a complete and utter waste of time and SO unhealthy. I hate herbalife. Please stop giving out this shit advice, it's a fucking terrible way to lose weight!

FWIW, the doctor I worked with did recommend SW and the fast diet a lot.

confusedandemployed Tue 29-Dec-15 18:36:39

Hear hear Downstairs. Preying on the vulnerable is how HL, JP and all that crap make their money and it makes me sick.

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