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To brie or not to brie, basecamp dyson….. weightloss support for all (thread 2)

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Stellar67 Mon 14-Dec-15 13:06:54

I hope this worked!

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Dyrne Mon 14-Dec-15 14:52:35

Yep, it worked!

Stellar - I know what you mean about junk food bloat - I decided to treat myself yesterday and ate a massive plate of pasta as I had the calorie budget, and woke up this morning feeling so bleugh... i guess it's a good thing though as i'm much less tempted to do it again! Good work on the virtuous Christmas shop.

Pippi, good to see you're hanging around maintaining until the new year - the Christmas treats have started pouring into the office, so my resolve to lose more weight is being sorely tested at the moment!

Huffy that's a great target to keep you below 80kg, (though personally I think horses are the work of the devil as they hate me fwink ) Hyde Park would be an awesome place to ride through, sometimes I'm so jealous of people who live in London!

pippistrelle Mon 14-Dec-15 20:51:52

I'm not that keen on horses either: they're inscrutable, see. Cat and dogs - I can tell what they're thinking (although the aggressive neighbour cat tries to wrong-foot me by being all cutesy and presenting his soft tummy for tickling, but if you succumb, he will feral you) but horses, you just never know what's on their mind. Rabbits are similar. (But I would imagine the weight limit for riding one is a lot lower...) That said, we went horse-riding on a beach in Ireland earlier this year as it was a long-standing ambition of my husband, and it was lovely. First time on a horse since I was about 11, and I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would, so I can definitely see the attraction, Huffy.

Positive side effect of vile cold is that I have no appetite, and no energy to cook. Less positive for my family, as they are useless, and, therefore, currently eating a largely toast-based diet.

LondonHuffyPuffy Tue 15-Dec-15 12:20:15

Ooh shiny new thread! Thanks Stellar.

I haven't been on a horse for many, many years. It could be a grave mistake but I have been thinking about it for a while. I like horses. I like parks in London. Great combo.

I have to go to a work lunch thing in a minute. There will be all manner of foodly temptations. Sigh and double sigh.

Stellar67 Wed 16-Dec-15 17:12:59

I've got two more gym classes this year! I am hoping I will keep up by going for a walk. The leisure centre almost shuts down for two weeks apart from the gym, which I am scared of, and the pool, which has a steam room and I end up in that!
I'm on a mission though. This will be my lowest calorie Christmas in years santahmmgrin

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Stellar67 Wed 16-Dec-15 17:30:09

Sorry I was interrupted.

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Stellar67 Wed 16-Dec-15 17:33:24


Anyway, huffy I can't wait to hear about horse antics! It will be lovely.

Pippi I had a horse and I didn't get them at all. I would never have one again. Not for me. I miss having a pet. We have hens, but they stick together and won't let me into the gang.

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Dyrne Fri 18-Dec-15 10:31:57

Horse riding is supposed to be really good for the core muscles and thighs isn't it? If I weren't petrified of horses i'd be tempted to give it a go as well :D

Last day at work for the year today, off to DP's parents house next week. Fingers crossed my diet plans don't fall apart!

Stellar67 Mon 21-Dec-15 09:01:02

I ate a block of butter on some panettone this morning.

It's going really well. hmm

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Dyrne Mon 21-Dec-15 22:06:48

Never fear Stellar; I'll join you in diet disgrace. I've arrived at DP's parents house - copious amounts of booze has been consumed already and it only looks like more to come! MIL has been very complimentary on my weight loss so far though, so I guess that's something! fgrin

Stellar67 Tue 22-Dec-15 07:53:36

That's good of MIL. Enjoy the free bar!

I had friends over last night so had Camembert and too much wine.
Today we are running late already. Kids are at school till Wednesday this year.

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shiteforbrains Wed 23-Dec-15 06:49:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pippistrelle Wed 23-Dec-15 09:24:00

Still managing to maintain on a diet that consists largely of chocolate and mince pies: I just don't eat anything else. It's not at all healthy but as long as I can keep a lid on calories, that's fine for now. I can do health from next Friday. Vile cold has left me with a hacking cough, and very tired so I probably need to work on my vitamins a bit, but all in good time...

Sorry to hear your son's been ill, Brains. Hope he's doing better now.

Your kids are in school until tomorrow, Stellar? That's harsh. Mind you, I almost wish mine was - as it is, she has a shed-load of homework to do, and no wish to do it. (Don't blame her.)

Your mother-in-law sounds like the perfect host, Dyrne - dispensing compliments and booze.

pippistrelle Wed 23-Dec-15 09:38:18

Just had an epiphany - today is Wednesday. Not Tuesday. It seems that I, literally, don't know what day of the week it is. So, your kids wii be pleased to hear, Stellar, that they're not in school tomorrow!

shiteforbrains Wed 23-Dec-15 12:56:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Stellar67 Wed 23-Dec-15 14:23:14

Sorry about your som SFB. You and I should go a pasta detox. I can only eat a mountain of pasta at a time. Am
in pain for days after, but I'll never learn.
Pippi I have no idea what day it is. Will be like this for two weeks now. And DH needs to know his days, so I just end up confusing him.
How many mince pies can you have for lunch then? You are welcome to mine. Not a mince pie fan at all.

We will all be hitting here with a vengeance in January! Until then maintaining is key. Have a lovely Christmas ladies, if I am not back on here confessing to have eaten a big day pudding for breakfast.

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pippistrelle Thu 24-Dec-15 23:24:40

I'm not generally a mince pie fan either but I use a recipe that produces a sort of crumble/shortbread base and topping instead of shortcrust pastry: it's the bee's knees. People unilaterally declare them the best ever - I fed some to the builders (having some work done, not just random passing builders) yesterday, and they practically swooned.

So, have a lovely Christmas, threadsters. See you back here on the 1st January with steely resolve, and chicken salads a-go-go!

Dyrne Sat 26-Dec-15 09:32:17

Good morning all, did everyone have a good Christmas? I woke up this mirning feeling sick, full and a touch of heartburn. I was doing fairly OK until I remembered that pigs in blankets were on the menu fgrin and then scoffed an entire bag of chicolate coins sending me soaring over 2000 kcals for the day fblush I've decided now no more chocolate!

I got a shiny new Apple Watch as a joint present from various family members so I'm looking forward to really focusing on excercise after the festive period.

Hope your DS was well enough to enjoy Christmas, SFB - so strange about your MIL nagging you about losing weight! Agree it might be a jealousy thing.

Rubbish about the cold, Pippi - hopefully Christmas eating will help? "Feed a cold, starve a fever" and all that...

Stellar67 Mon 28-Dec-15 07:27:18

Ooh an Apple Watch! Is it good?

I hope everyone is on the road to recovery and had a lovely Christmas.

I'm a bit sick of eating now. Which is good! And looking forward to the frugal food January, for now, anyway.

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Dyrne Tue 29-Dec-15 21:26:05

The Apple Watch is amazing, so useful - i've set myself some really achievable goals, and it's really highlighted how little I move about sometimes - even just things like it reminds you to stand up and move about for a minute every hour or so, and it's so easy to do; where before I probably wouldnt have bothered. After the laughable inactivity of Christmas Day and Boxing day, I managed to get out walking the last two days. Really nice to meet the goals, and actually was really refreshing being out in the fresh air!

I agree with you Stellar about being sick of food... The diet went miserably - MIL went to so much effort making food from scratch, I felt so rude refusing. We got back home today so I've been able to get back on track. Haven't met the 'activity' goal on the watch yet for today (30 mins per day of light activity); so i'll probably dust off the exercise bike in a bit.

I'm going to brave the scales tomorrow to assess the damage. Will try and be good tomorrow before drinking copious amounts of booze at New Years

Onwards and upwards!

Dyrne Wed 30-Dec-15 08:39:04

Forgive the double post, just popping in to say I jumped on the scales today, and unbelievably, I haven't gained anything over Christmas! I didn't hit my goal of being under 11st moving into 2016; but let's be honest, that was a little unrealistic! I'm feeling so relieved that I haven't gained, it's a real mood boost.

Now to jump on the exercise bike for a bit to get a head start on my 30 min exercise goal for the day!

Stellar67 Fri 01-Jan-16 09:05:27

Well done Dyrne!

Happy New Year! I've been cajoled to go to SW with a friend so I'm going to buy the 12 week countdown. Need a kick up the arse boost start. I know I'll end up going alone as she had no stamina but that will just make me more determined. wink

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Dyrne Fri 01-Jan-16 16:59:49

Happy New Year! Consumed 1600 calories in booze alone last night... With the hekp of KFC, I ended up at over 3000 calories! fshock The major boozing is pretty much over now, back to my fairly sober life; that'll help save the calories! Have managed to keep today's calorie count low, so that's a bonus.

That SW program sounds good Stellar, i'd not heard of that before. I wish I has a weight loss buddy... DP's going to do Dry January so at least i'll have some sober company for the next month or so fgrin

Stellar67 Fri 01-Jan-16 17:24:21

I'm going to do dry January, so we are together! Apart from the glass of champagne beside me....dregs.
And the bottle we are having when I finally move. But I'll add two days to February.
I always do things on my own. Umpteen people say they will do things with me (especially this time of year), but I usually end up alone. So I don't ask anyone anymore. I just mentioned to a friend my plans and she said she'd join me.
I say festive calories don't count so don't beat yourself up.
I weighed myself before I packed the scales this morning and I've put on 4lbs!!! It's all cheese and wine.
Ive been a bit worried as my new house looks like a professional hoarder has moved in and I know I won't be arsed to cook for a month till I've sorted it all. And we haven't even moved in yet!
So I started a meal planner. Needed some ideas. Hence the SW option. Am hoping it will see me through the next few weeks at least.

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KeepsAwayTheNargles Sun 03-Jan-16 10:23:04

Hello everyone! I'm hoping I can sneak back onto this thread... I am actually the OP of the original thread, under another name!

I stalled a bit blush but am back to 5:2 and Yoga and 2lbs down after my first fast day so I'm hoping to rejoin what is technically speaking my thread grin I'm so so happy that its done so well and you've all been supporting each other, its amazing!

SW: 95.2kg (March 2014)
CW: 86.4kg (January 2015 -8.8kg/19lbs)

I am doing 30 Days of Yoga Camp (from Yoga with Adriene on YouTube, totally recommend her!) mixed with DDP Yoga and 15 Minute Fit... Hopefully I can back up to speed with you all! smile

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