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Lost 18lb, what do I do about the belly!?

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Hawest1 Fri 11-Dec-15 10:55:37

So far I have managed to lose 18lb, I still have another stone to go before I hit goal weight. Instead of the mint tummy I had before I now seem to have a this pouch of skin instead, i know it will take some hard work but anyone any tips on how to tighten & tone it up properly. Think I'm getting sick of sit-ups & crunches lol.

princessconsuelabannahammock Fri 11-Dec-15 11:04:02

I think the skin can take 6-12 months to catch up, sorry no advice my belly is doing this but i am still more than 1 st from goal. Planks are supposed to be amazing for your tummy, hard mind!

TalkinPeace Fri 11-Dec-15 18:52:02

Yoga, swimming, pilates, lots and lots of toning
you need to get the muscles under that skin snapped into shape and the circulation going

march on the spot while the kettle is boiling
stand up to MN
do not sit back in your chair

lots of little things to kick the postural muscles into action

bishboschone Fri 11-Dec-15 18:57:26

Is it actually just skin ( can you feel your abs underneath ) if so I doubt the skin will go if that's all that is left but if there is still fat in it it will take work but it will go.. A lot depends on your age and how much it was stretched . I do a lot of cardio and mine is super toned underneath a layer of skin but it's just the way it goes after 2 pregnancies .

FrancisdeSales Sun 13-Dec-15 18:04:11

Weight training with machines and/or free weights will tone you up, give you strength and improve your posture. Lean muscle builds your metabolism and you burn more calories even when resting.

Phoenix69 Sun 13-Dec-15 20:12:23

Loads of ab exercises to do as well as sit-ups and crunches. A good PErsoanl trainer can show you or google 6 week abs etc. You have to target all the muscle groups down there.

You can really tighten the area up but depending on how big your belly was, you might never get the 6 pack!

Hawest1 Mon 14-Dec-15 17:14:28

Thanks for ur advice ☺️
I don't have the money for a personal trainer but there is a gym just round the corner that I've started using, I just need examples of exercises to do.

Phoenix69 Mon 14-Dec-15 19:31:13

Jillian Michaels will help

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