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weight loss advice needed

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SimplyMrsBlobby Tue 08-Dec-15 20:23:45

Hello all,

I need some information on the difference between slimming world and Weight watchers.

Im hoping to join one, I have weight to shift...and lots of it sad
which one should I join and why?

There doesn't seem a lot of difference between the two, have previously done WW (donkey's years ago - did work from what i remember, but then so did atkins, Cambridge, paleo and the numerous other fasting/shake/soup diets)

I remember that ww was points based and each food was assigned a point and you were allowed so many points a day depending on your weight.
whats SW like ?

Its taken a lot of time to get this fat, i realise it will take just as much time to get if off...

Mrs Blobby

ps how do you get those emoji things working ?

TalkinPeace Wed 09-Dec-15 09:42:01

Before paying out any money, set up an account on MyFitnessPal and log what you eat and when
then you'll be able to see what the pattern of your calorie intake is and be able to work out which method will fit you best

set it to maintain your current weight : so that you are just logging what you eat utterly truthfully rather than trying to change it at this stage

29PaddingtonSt Wed 09-Dec-15 10:03:34

I lost four stone with Weight Watchers so purely on my experience that is my recommendation! Weight Watchers have just launched a new plan this week called SmartPoints. You get a daily points allowance that you can eat each day. On top of that you get a weekly allowance that you can use for weekends, sources etc. Foods that are high in sugar and saturated fat have a higher points value so it encourages you to make healthier choices. All fruit and nearly all vegetables are free.

If you don't want to weigh or measure there is a No Count option. There is a long list of foods that you can eat until you feel satisfied. You are also encouraged to get active and have a daily FitPoint target to reach. The meetings are great, motivational and really help keep you focused. There is now an emphasis on making you smile and being more mindful of your eating and the things in your life that are good! Give it a go! smile

TalkinPeace Wed 09-Dec-15 10:30:23

I lost 3 stone on WW
but did not fully understand my food intake and thus stay at happy weight long term till I started 5:2

StarryStarryElf Wed 09-Dec-15 20:32:23

I've done both.

I could never get my head around the vast quantities that people eat while on SW, so much free food! I didn't like the fact that some of my best food (best for keeping me full for longer and keeping me healthy) were a syn and muller-full of crap-lights, were 'free'.

I also never seen any of my freinds, or anyone at meetings get really 'end of goal' slim at SW.

With WW I have managed to reduce my portion size massively, not overnight, but slowly over a few months. A lot of the food that was free on SW is weighed and pointed which I prefer. There are no 'sins'.

WW seem to really push the walking too which I think is a good thing as it's free requires no special equipment, loads of people at my group have fit-bits and challenge each other.

SimplyMrsBlobby Thu 10-Dec-15 00:15:24

Thanks all.

Looks like might do that 'Myfitnesspal' and find out what I'm really eating and when. (Without cheating)blush

Is it a website/app or a club?

May try and get one of those Fitbit watch thingies for Christmas.

Am thinking about joining ww.

Like the idea of not having to weigh/measure food - haven't time for it. And don't really want to be cooking different meals to the family.

I have a long hard treck ahead of me.... So nervous about this weight loss journey I'm about to go on.

You hear in the press about the ocassional individual who has lost 6+ stones but you never seem to come across one of these micralous individuals.... And how do they deal with the loose skin ???? I'm scared

I don't wanna go from being lumpy to being saggysad

Once again thanks.
Mrs blobby

TalkinPeace Thu 10-Dec-15 07:31:03

Hi there
Have a look here
and then jump in to this thread
and you'll find lots of people who will share their food diaries and ideas to get you through

getting fit ...
have a look here
Its open to anybody who wants to look like a butterfly when they emerge from their chrysalis
and bigchoc is an amazing motivator

its a different method than you are looking at, but have a read here
Many of the earliest posters are still on MN and still lean and mean

YOU can do it too.
Start today and the habits will be forming before Christmas smile

SimplyMrsBlobby Thu 10-Dec-15 11:40:40

Thanks for going the extra mile.
It feels nice to think someone out there wants to help.

I've been going through all those links. And then I thought not having those fries right now for lunch!

I seem to struggle with 'I'm going to start tomorrow' attitude, never used to be fat infact was underweight and quiet possibly unhealthy and ate c**p all the time and then woke up a few years later to find a bmi of 49%!

Fed up of being tired and sluggish and being left behind all the time , comments from the mother-in-law "we'll go at your pace...or you won't be able too"! and feel embarrassed at picking pudding after a meal...and having to order size 20 dresses!

I know it's will power, and I stress eat.... Especially at mo just toooooo much work I keep procrastinating about.

So going to download that app. And take it from there....

Thanks for your generous consideration.

Mrs Blobbyflowers

SimplyMrsBlobby Thu 10-Dec-15 13:25:28

Talkinpeace & co,

Joined Myfitnesspal. Feels strangely satisfying to know how much I can still eat and remain within the goal of losing a pound a week.

Like I said a long long way to go.

But thanks all, may hold off the Ww for a little while as have tons to do. And wondering if there is a way I can manage my weight (?)....dundun dun!😊(Having a feel good moment)

Mrs Blobby

TalkinPeace Thu 10-Dec-15 17:13:43

Its about learning to eat mindfully
and the first stage is to be brutally honest with yourself about what you do eat - particularly the snacks

inhaling a tub of Haagen Daas is fine - as long as you log that 2000 calories in your chart grin

TBH the only change I would suggest making from day 1 is
have your calories as nice big meals with decent gaps in between and your head will work with your body to achieve your goals smile

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