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One last shot before gastric surgery!

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BooAvenue Wed 18-Nov-15 12:12:04

4 stone overweight here and cannot for the life of me shift it - been trying for a year and not lost a single bloody pound!

I've decided I'm pretty set on getting gastric surgery as I am frankly ballooning by the second and can't seem to stop it.

However, I've decided to have one last shot at getting the weight off before I take the plunge. I'm giving myself until mid August which puts me at just under 2lb a week loss, which I think is achievable.

My plan is to track using MFP sticking to 1200 cals and also to try and actually do some form of exercise. I am walking less than 1000 steps on some days which is frankly embarrassing.

The thing I struggle most with when dieting is I get fixated with it and cut right down on the calories so I eat virtually nothing and then cave in and binge.

My biggest challenge is going to be making sure I eat at least 1000 calories per day (instead of my usual which is 500 per day for 2 days then 4000 in one go blush).

Feel free to join me if anyone is on the same weight/timeline or any tips would be lovely!

SpaceCucumber Wed 18-Nov-15 12:58:35

Good luck! I've got about 4 stone to lose too. I'm not up for surgery, but I've decided to spend out on the Alevere diet and hoping for good results.

I'm like you, I eat little some days and then pig out others. Never junk food as such but I do consume a lot of calories and carbs on a bad day (partially wine related blush).

I am predicted hoping for a loss of about 2-4lbs a week. I can't see that happening personally, but you never know.

Howhardcanitbe Wed 18-Nov-15 18:03:40

You don't need to go as low as 1200 cals a day to lose 2lbs a week. In the past when I've set too low a limit for myself I've ended up giving up as it's too hard to stick to.

How about maybe trying 1400-1500 a day instead? I also think planning your meals for the week in advance helps massively - then you don't end up eating too little all day and then starving hungry for anything you can get your hands on.

Good luck.

Blodss Wed 18-Nov-15 22:29:01

I have lost over a stone and a half since end of June. Im doing paleo/lowish carb. I very rarely feel hungry and don't count calories or anything. I hadn't been able to get my weight to reduce for 3 years without going low calorie which just makes me become fixated. I decided that I wanted to be the healthiest fittest version of me that I could so did some research and this to me was the way forward.

Gastric band surgery doesn't make you lose the weight though. You still have to eat small portions and be accountable. People say that it is still hard work.

BooAvenue Sat 05-Dec-15 13:50:11

8 pounds off so far!

Just have to keep pushing on as my weight loss tends to slow after a few weeks sad.

Aiming for another 3 off by my next weigh in next week!

Dowser Wed 09-Dec-15 12:10:04

Interesting that you lost nothing all year and now you've lost 8 in a month.

So what changed?

I suspect you focused on making changes that you could stick too.

Well done.

Do you go to sw. I think they are great for sorting out bad habits . Pretty much what you were doing. Starving/,bingeing.

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